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Tactical Medicine News

Electrospun Construct Mimics Elasticity of Blood Vessels

by Conn Hastings
Nov 07, 2022
Researchers at the University of Sydney in Australia have developed an electrospun blood vessel replacement. The material contains tropoelastin, a ...
Tactical Medicine News

Battery-Free Light-Powered Pacemaker Now a Reality

Researchers at the University of Arizona have developed a battery-free light-powered pacemaker that uses optogenetic stimulation of cardiomyocytes ...
Tactical Medicine News

FDA-Approved At-Home Spirometer: Interview with Charvi Shetty, Co-Founder and CEO at Aluna

The COVID-19 pandemic has put lung health firmly in our minds. For those with chronic lung diseases, such as asthma and COPD, an important way to k...
Tactical Medicine News

Soft Robot Grows Like a Plant to Travel Through Tight Spaces

At the University of Minnesota, researchers have developed a soft robotic system that can ‘grow’ like a plant. The mechanism allows it to travel th...
Tactical Medicine News

Silicone Heart Models Heart Failure

Scientists at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and partners at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin have developed a silicone h...
Tactical Medicine News

Biosynthetic Trilayered Ventricle Pumps Blood

Biomedical engineers at the University of Toronto have developed a method to create a small-scale biosynthetic left ventricle that can pump blood w...
Tactical Medicine News

Artificial Ventricle Mimics Helical Muscle Fibers

Researchers at Harvard developed a technique that lets them recreate the helical arrangement of cardiac muscle fibers within the heart ventricles i...
Tactical Medicine News

TORdx LUNG Test for Donor Lung Assessment: Interview with Eric Brouwer, Chief Scientific Officer at SQI Diagnostics

SQI Diagnostics, a medtech company based in Canada, is developing the TORdx LUNG Test. The technology is intended to assist clinicians in assessing...
Tactical Medicine News

Improving Transplant Survival with Organ Preservation Tech: Interview with Dr. Anderson, CEO of Paragonix

Paragonix Technologies, a medtech company based in Massachusetts, created the SherpaPak, an FDA organ transportation device that is intended to kee...
Tactical Medicine News

Magnetic Steering System for Guidewires

Percutaneous coronary intervention is an incredibly useful technique to minimally invasively investigate and treat cardiac issues, such as blockage...
Tactical Medicine News

Lipid Nanodiscs Unlock the Potential of Cytokine Treatment

Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin created a nanocarrier for stem cell factor, a regenerative cytokine. The nanotechnological approac...
Tactical Medicine News

Melt Electrowriting to Make Fibrous Heart Valve Scaffolds

Researchers at the Technical University of Munich in Germany have developed a technique to create heart valve scaffolds that can mimic the variable...
Tactical Medicine News

Dissolving Pacemaker Communicates with Patient and Wearable Tech

Researchers at Northwestern University have created a cardiac pacemaker that dissolves away, negating the need for a procedure to remove it. The pa...
Tactical Medicine News

Smart Stent Monitors Hemodynamics

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a smart stent that can monitor hemodynamic parameters. The wireless and battery-f...
Tactical Medicine News

Heart Chamber on a Chip

Researchers at Boston University engineered a heart chamber on a chip that can beat by itself. The technology relies on cardiomyocytes generated fr...
Tactical Medicine News

Wireless Data Transfer for Implanted Devices Using Ionic Communication

Researchers at the Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science have developed a new method for implanted devices to communicate w...
Tactical Medicine News

vMap Mapping Technology for Cardiac Arrhythmias: Interview with Mike Monko, CEO of Vektor Medical

Vektor Medical, a medtech company based in San Diego, created the vMap system, a mapping solution for cardiac arrhythmias. The system is the first ...
Tactical Medicine News

Blood Clotting Test on a Smartphone

Researchers at the University of Washington have developed smartphone-based technology that can allow someone to perform a blood clotting test at h...
Tactical Medicine News

Lab-Designed “Fish” Could Pave the Way for Artificial Hearts

Researchers at Harvard University have created a fish-like construct from human stem cell-derived cardiac muscle. The structure can beat and swim a...
Tactical Medicine News

Pop-Up Sensors Measure Electronic Signals in Cardiac Cells

Researchers at University of California San Diego have developed a tiny ‘pop-up’ sensor that can measure the electronic signals propagating inside ...
Tactical Medicine News

Paragonix Leads Organ Transportation with Liver and Heart Milestones

Paragonix Technologies, a leading provider of donor organ preservation and transport systems, recently launched a new donor liver preservation syst...
Tactical Medicine News

Explorer Surgical Expands into Robotic Surgery: Exclusive with CEO Jennifer Fried

As cloud and digital platforms continue to gain traction, we’re seeing a trend toward increased investments in robotic surgery in medical technolog...
Tactical Medicine News

POEMS Electro-Optical Cardiac Stimulator to Study Arrhythmias

At the University of Bern in Switzerland, researchers have developed the Panoramic Opto-Electrical Measurement and Stimulation (POEMS) system, whic...
Tactical Medicine News

Cracking Calcium in Arteries Using Sound Waves: Interview with Shockwave Medical’s Scott Shadiow

Shockwave Medical, a medtech company based in California, has developed a technique called intravascular lithotripsy, which involves delivering son...
Tactical Medicine News

Heart Model Simulates Mechanical Load on Cardiac Tissues

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, along with collaborators in the Netherlands, have developed a heart model consisting of engineered cardi...
Tactical Medicine News

Battery-Free Wireless Pacemaker Dissolves Post Treatment

Researchers at Northwestern University and collaborators have developed a temporary cardiac pacemaker that dissolves away in the body into harmless...
Tactical Medicine News

Spray-On Hydrogel to Prevent Post-Surgery Adhesions

Researchers at University of California San Diego have developed a spray-on hydrogel that forms a protective coating on tissue surfaces, such as th...
Tactical Medicine News

PerQseal+ for Large Diameter Arterial Closure: Interview with Andrew Glass, CEO of Vivasure Medical

Vivasure Medical, a medtech company based in Galway, Ireland, has developed the PerQseal device, a synthetic implant designed to seal large bore bl...
Tactical Medicine News

Cardiac Organoids Self-Organize to Mimic Human Heart

Researchers at the Austrian Academy of Sciences have developed the most realistic cardiac organoids to date. The tiny structures self-organize from...
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