IFAK Pouch - Mission Ready

 IFAKs are trauma kits which contain a variety of essential life-saving components for bleeding control and major wound treatments. Our Advanced Mission Ready IFAK pouches pre-filled with the highest quality tactical medical gear in configurations designed to address the three leading causes of preventable deaths on the battlefield or in the streets. Massive Hemorrhage, Tension Pneumothorax, and Airway Issues.

Choose from our wide selection of Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced Mission Ready IFAK kits or contact us and let us help you find the right solution for your needs.

Tasmanian Tiger,Tasmanian Tiger IFAK Pouch,medic-packs.Tasmanian Tiger,Tasmanian Tiger IFAK Pouch,medic-packs.
Tasmanian Tiger,Tasmanian Tiger IFAK Pouch - SMALL,medic-packs.Tasmanian Tiger,Tasmanian Tiger IFAK Pouch - SMALL,medic-packs.
North American Rescue,NAR Operator BLS/IFAK,medic-packs.North American Rescue,NAR Operator BLS/IFAK,medic-packs.


North American Rescue

Tactical Medical Solutions,TACMED™ WARM ZONE KIT,medic-packs.TACMED™ WARM ZONE KIT


Tactical Medical Solutions

Tactical Medical Solutions,TacMed™ Pocket Medical,medic-packs.Tactical Medical Solutions,TacMed™ Pocket Medical,medic-packs.

TacMed™ Pocket Medical

Tactical Medical Solutions


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