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Tactical Medicine News

EM Cases Summit Tickets on Sale Nov 2nd, 10am EST

by Anton Helman
Oct 25, 2022
The peak Emergency Medicine educational experience is coming! Tickets for Virtual EM Cases Summit Feb 2-4, 2023 go on sale November 2nd at 10am EST...
Tactical Medicine News

Select FOAMed EM Cases Summit Videos

A few select videos from EM Cases Summit 2021 have been made FOAMed and available here and on our youtube channel. The latest release is with Dr. R...
Tactical Medicine News

Ep 162 Managing Adversity with Walter Himmel

I asked Dr. Walter Himmel to give a talk at EM Cases Summit 2021 on what he has learned in 40 years of practice. Herein lies his profoundly thought...
Tactical Medicine News

EM Cases Course 2021 is Sold Out

The February 5/6 2021 6th annual (virtual) EM Cases Course is sold out. Day 1: Flipped classroom virtual round-table discussions with your favorite...
Tactical Medicine News

EMU365 Amal Mattu on Killer ECGs and Pericardial Effusions

This EMU365 video features EM cardiology guru Dr. Amal Mattu on killer ECGs associated with pericardial effusions. He eloquently explains the utili...
Tactical Medicine News

EMU365 Massive GI Bleed with Sara Gray

The Niagara falls of GI bleeding is occuring before your eyes. The patient is hypotensive and altered. What is your medical management algorithm an...
Tactical Medicine News

EMU 365 A New Frontier in Cardiac Arrest Management with Salim Rezaie

This EMU365 Video features Dr. Salim Rezaie of REBEL EM presenting his approach to airway management and epinephrine dosing in cardiac arrest based...
Tactical Medicine News

EMU365 Sarah Reid on Top 5 Pediatric Asthma Pitfalls

This EMU365 Video features Dr. Sarah Reid, PEM educator extraordinaire presenting her top 5 common pitfalls made in pediatric asthma diagnosis and ...
Tactical Medicine News

EMU 365 Mike Betzner on The Crashing Asthmatic

This EMU365 Video features Dr. Mike Betzner, medical director of STARS Air Ambulance service, collaborator on the CritCases blog, and bad-ass resus...
Tactical Medicine News

EMU365 TIA in Ten Minutes with David Carr

We are kicking off the 2019 EMU365 with Dr. David Carr presenting his pearls in TIA diagnosis, workup and management: respect the eyes, look for th...
Tactical Medicine News

EM Quick Hits 4 Acetaminophen Overdose & Warfarin Interaction, Dental Infections, MTP RABT Score, Statins for STEMI, Cricothyrotomy Tips

In this Quick Hits Podcast: David Juurlink on acetaminophen and warfarin drug interaction, Hans Rosenberg on management of dental infections, Emily...
Tactical Medicine News

EMU 365 Thrombolysis in Pulmonary Embolism with Amit Shah

The final EMU365 video from EMU2018 features Dr. Amit Shah who discusses decision making and dosing around the use of thrombolytics in PE in the co...
Tactical Medicine News

Ep 122 Sepsis and Septic Shock – What Matters from EM Cases Course

In this podcast Dr. Sara Gray, intensivist and emergency physician, co-author of The CAEP Sepsis Guidelines, answers questions such as: How does on...
Tactical Medicine News

EMU365 Pediatric EM Expert Panel

This EMU 365 video features Drs. Anthony Crocco, Farhan Bhanji and Angelo Mikrogianakis on a potpourri of Pediatric Emergency topics including pedi...
Tactical Medicine News

EMU 365 Limitations of X-rays in Orthopedic Injuries with Arun Sayal

This EMU 365 video features Dr. Arun Sayal on the limitations of x-rays in the assessment of orthopedic injuries in emergency medicine from North Y...
Tactical Medicine News

EMU 365 Physician Burnout with Peter Brindley

Dr. Brindley explores ways in which physicians can find happiness and meaning in their work. A simple act of showing gratitude is just one of the t...
Tactical Medicine News

EMU 365 Pediatric Trauma Top 10 Pearls with Angelo Mikrogianakis

Pediatric traumas are high acuity but low frequency situations that are stress provoking for emergency physicians. Dr. Mikrogianakis, Chief of Pedi...
Tactical Medicine News

EMU 365 Upper GI Bleed with Walter Himmel

Walter Himmel takes us through the resuscitation of a sick patient with an UGIB and the management priorities including blood products, antibiotics...
Tactical Medicine News

EMU 365 Headache Nightmares with Sean Caine

This EMU 365 video features Dr. Sean Caine on Headache Nightmares - the Big 5 diagnoses that aren't always picked up with the old plain CT-LP algor...
Tactical Medicine News

EMU 365 Bleeding Out: Massive Transfusion in Trauma with Andrew Petrosoniak

In this EMU 65 video, Dr. Andrew Petrosoniak, trauma team leader at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto, suggests a formula to assess which patients ...
Tactical Medicine News

EMU 365 Pediatric Elbow Nightmares with Arun Sayal

This is the 2nd instalment of The Emergency Medicine Update Conference's recently launched EMU 365 video series. In this EMU 65 video, Dr. Arun Say...
Tactical Medicine News

EMU 365 New Video Series Launched!

North York General's Emergency Medicine Update Conference has just launched EMU 365 video series!  Videos of some of their premier plenary speakers...
Tactical Medicine News

EM Cases Course 2019 Speakers Line Up!

After getting feedback from our sold out courses in 2016, 2017 and 2018, we have a superlative line up in store for you, with more live podcasts, s...
Tactical Medicine News

Ep 110 Airway Pitfalls – Live from EMU 2018

The last decade has seen a torrent of literature and expert opinion on emergency airway management. It is challenging to integrate all this new inf...
Tactical Medicine News

Ep 107 Blunt Ocular Trauma Live from The EM Cases Course

In this live podcast on Blunt Ocular Trauma from The EM Cases Course 2018 with Anna MacDonald we discuss the most important diagnoses to consider, ...
Tactical Medicine News

EM Cases Course 2018 Speakers Announced!

Announcing the speaker line-up for the 3rd annual EM Cases Course, February 3rd, 2018 in Toronto. After getting feedback from our sold out courses ...
Tactical Medicine News

Episode 99 Highlights from EMU 2017

North York General Hospital's 30th Annual Emergency Medicine Update (EMU) Conference 2017 featured some of the best talks I've ever heard from the ...
Tactical Medicine News

Episode 97 EM Literature Review 2016 from EMU & Whistler Conferences

Quick and insightful reviews of 17 important adult and pediatric emergency medicine studies from 2016: The PROCAMIO study for stable VT, platelets ...
Tactical Medicine News

Episode 96 Beyond ACLS Cardiac Arrest – Live from EMU Conference 2017

This is the first ever video podcast on EM Cases with Jordan Chenkin from EMU Conference 2017 discussing how to optimize three aspects of cardiac a...
Tactical Medicine News

Episode 92 – Aortic Dissection Live from The EM Cases Course

While missing aortic dissection was considered "the standard" in the late 20th century, our understanding of the clinical diagnoses has improved co...
Tactical Medicine News

Episode 83 – 5 Critical Care Controversies from SMACC Dublin

EM Cases Episode 83 - 5 Critical Care Controversies from SMACC Dublin: I had the great opportunity to gather some of the brightest minds in Emergen...
Tactical Medicine News

Episode 78 Anaphylaxis and Anaphylactic Shock – Live from The EM Cases Course

Anaphylaxis is the quintessential medical emergency. We own this one. While the vast majority of anaphylaxis is relatively benign, about 1% of thes...
Tactical Medicine News

EM Cases Course Speakers Confirmed

The EM Cases podcast taken to the next level . . . . In person, In Toronto Sarah Reid - Pediatrics Module George Kovacs - Airway Module Walter Himm...
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