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MED-TAC International Corp. I ABOUT US

AboutUST-MED Services, INC. AKA. "T-MEDICAL" is an authorized provider of high-quality Tactical Combat Casualty Care & Tactical Emergency Casualty Care courses to military, law enforcement and civilian customers alike. Marco R. Torres, MD EMT-P, CEO T-MED Services, INC.T-MED Services, INC. is a physician-owned, SOF Ve
Conducting training in Guanajuato, Mexico for police and medical first responders.

About Us

MED-TAC International Corp. is a physician-owned, SOF Veteran led mobile cadre composed of tactical and medical professionals who served in various SOF units and/or Police & Fire-EMS departments.

We strive to be your  One-Stop-Shop for Tactical Medical Solutions.
  In the world of emergency services, preparedness is everything. With the right knowledge, training, and tools, professionals in the field - from military personnel to fire rescue teams, paramedics, and civilian heroes - can effectively handle any challenge that comes their way.

This is where we come into play.Tactical-Medicine.com is the ultimate hub for cutting-edge tactical medical solutions, training, and resources. It is designed keeping in mind the unique requirements of emergency services professionals, as well as outdoor and adventure enthusiasts who believe in the power of preparedness.

We follow the 3-P philosophy for success:

1. People
2. Process
3. Product

Success factor #1

Our people are amazing

We are experts in Tactical Combat Casualty Care & Tactical Emergency Casualty Care concepts, constantly staying up-to-date with the latest guidelines, practices, and curricula. Our instructors have taught individual classes to numerous Civilian and Military Special Operation units including MARSOC, USMS SOG, & many more. 

Further, our instructors are still actively teaching in the communities they represent, utilizing their skills and knowledge on a daily basis.

Leadership cadre working during their past lives as active duty servicemembers
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Our Process makes things possible

Our philosophy revolves around ensuring quality, customization, efficiency, continuous improvement, and innovation in all aspects of its operations. By focusing on these key areas, we can deliver superior products and services that meet the specific needs of its diverse clientele effectively.

Understanding the unique needs and requirements of military, police, paramedics, and trained civilians allows uss to tailor our products and services accordingly.

Customization ensures that clients receive equipment that is specifically designed to meet their operational demands.


Our products are the best in the world

We represent the absolute best brands of tactical medical equipment to include North American Rescue, Chinook Medical, Tactical Medical Solutions, Combat Medical Systems, H & H Medical, and so many more.  Our products are the best, industry leading life-saving stalwarts such as the Combat Applications Tourniquet, Combat Gauze, Celox Gauze, OLAES bandage, Israeli T-3 bandage, and many more.

We work to insure that all products meet or exceed industry standards and regulations is vital. This involves rigorous testing, quality control measures, and compliance checks to guarantee the reliability and effectiveness of the medical supplies.  

We know you are in harms way and we want to ensure you have the best products at your disposal to increase survivability and decrease mortality as you provide good medicine in bad places.