Tasmanian Tiger Vehicle Headrest IFAK Pouch

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Tasmanian Tiger Vehicle Headrest IFAK Pouch

£36.00 £38.00 -6% OFF
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Product Description

The bag comes empty from the factory - pictures show the interior layout and carrying capacity.   

The Tasmanian Tiger Vehicle Headrest IFAK Pouch allows you to carry a First Aid kit with a quick access system for fast retrieval. It is designed for attaching to the back of the car seat headrest on the driver's seat or the passenger's seat. The panel with individually configurable loops can be removed by the handle from the right or the left. Part of the TacVec series.

The TT Head Rest IFAK received a Silver Score in the 2020 NTOA Member Tested and Recommended Program. Reviewed by law enforcement officers in the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA), the TT Head Rest IFAK received an overall score of 4.24 out of 5.


  • Opens out, with hook-and-loop fastening
  • Inclusive
  • Hook-and-loop patch for color-marked attaching straps can be written on
  • Both sides removable, individually configurable panel
  • Length-adjustable fastening system for car seat headrests
  • Suitable for headrests with a vertical circumference of approx. 21-25in/53-63cm
  • Including hook-and-loop adapter for use on bigger headrests


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