All the best tactical medical packs from around the world!
Military medical packs for Combat Medics, 18D, Pararescue, SOCM, SARC, & more. 
Tiered medical support bags for SWAT medics and Rescue Task Forces.
Custom solutions for law enforcement personnel providing medical coverage.
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A medical deployment solution for all stakeholders...
Our selection goes beyond tactical medical packs, we have a wide range of IFAK pouches, vehicle-mounted medical pouches, hip bags, shoulder bags, EDC medical kits, and much more.   We carry the best brands from around the world, plus our own custom-made MED-TAC branded tactical medical nylon products.
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Mark Roman - Director, Special Projects.

Tasmanian Tiger Medic Assault Pack - MK II

One of the most popular tactical medical packs, currently in use by countless tactical medics and military medics.
One of the best priced, purpose-built medical packs in the world.
Note: If you have any questions regarding shipping of this pack (or anything else) please get in contact with us.
A MED bag for all your needs
We offer commercial off-the-shelf purpose-built tactical medic bags as well as versions with standard medical loadouts and custom versions.
We routinely work with military units and civilian law enforcement and fire rescue agencies, proving them with the exact medical pack and trauma supply selection for specific mission sets.
Fully stocked packages
Empty bags in a variety of colors