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T-MED Services, INC. I About Us

T-MED Services, INC. AKA.  "T-MEDICAL" is an authorized provider of high-quality Tactical Combat Casualty Care & Tactical Emergency Casualty Care courses to military, law enforcement and civilian customers alike.


T-MED Services, INC. is a physician-owned, SOF Veteran led mobile cadre composed of tactical and medical professionals who served in various SOF units and/or Police & Fire-EMS departments. 

We are experts in Tactical Combat Casualty Care & Tactical Emergency Casualty Care concepts, constantly staying up-to-date with the latest guidelines, practices, and curricula. Our instructors have taught individual classes to numerous Civilian and Military Special Operation units including MARSOC, USMS SOG, & many more.

Further, our instructors are still actively teaching in the communities they represent, utilizing their skills and knowledge on a daily basis.


Our cadre stays current in all of the newest research, equipment, technology, tactics, techniques, and procedures to ensure delivery of the best training possible. 

We attend SOMA conferences, seminars, and courses, we train with colleagues and peers.We know the how's and the why's of what we teach you; we know the mechanism by which the tools we use work and why others don't. We will offer evidence-based opinions on what the best tools and equipment are for your specific needs...instead of just selling you "what the military uses". 
"One of our instructors was SAVED in Afghanistan by his teammates using the same TCCC concepts we teach"