SplintER: A New on Orthopedic Injuries and Splinting

Sep 18, 17
SplintER: A New on Orthopedic Injuries and Splinting


The purpose of the SplintER series is to teach the fundamentals and introduce advanced concepts of splinting to the Emergency Medicine (EM) professional. Humans have been splinting their injuries since 1300 B.C.1 Although the fundamentals have not changed, splint selection and application require some thoughtful consideration. A 2017 prospective, observational study in the Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics demonstrated that more than 90% of splints applied in the Emergency Department were inappropriate (30% applied by EM attendings), as evaluated by orthopaedic surgeons.2 While that number may not be representative in your institution, it certainly highlights the inadequacies that many of us feel when approaching a splint!

Starting tomorrow and then throughout this academic year, we will cover extremity injuries and splints. All information is expert peer-reviewed and edited by an Emergency Medicine / Sports Medicine specialist, such as Dr. Elizabeth Delasobera, the Sports Medicine Fellowship Director at Georgetown.

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  1. Browner B D. Skeletal Trauma. Elsevier Health Sciences; 2009.
  2. Abzug J, Schwartz B, Johnson A. Assessment of Splints Applied for Pediatric Fractures in an Emergency Department/Urgent Care Environment. J Pediatr Orthop. January 2017. [PubMed]

Author information

William Denq, MD CAQ-SM

William Denq, MD CAQ-SM

Assistant Professor
Department of Emergency Medicine
University of Arizona

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