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WTBS 26 COVID-19 Pandemic Lessons on Designing a Better Health Care System: What Does it Mean for Emergency Medicine?

by Dr. Howard Ovens
Mar 09, 2021
Thomas Friedman’s book The World Is Flat is an exploration of how globalization and modern communications technology have changed the world. Our em...
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WTBS 27 What Emergency Medicine Network Connections and Coverage Look Like in a Resilient Health Care System

When you apply the same principles of a resilient system (integration, adaptation, self-regulation, diversity, and situational awareness) to stabil...
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WTBS 25 COVID-19 Pandemic Exposes the Importance of Resilience in Health System Redesign

EM leaders have important voices for speaking on disaster preparation and response in our hospitals, health care systems, and communities. They als...
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WTBS 24 What We Should Learn From the First Wave of COVID-19

COVID-19 is the greatest challenge our healthcare system has faced in a century. Let’s make sure we learn fast, and learn the right things, to get ...
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WTBS 23 Preparing for the Next Viral Wave to Prevent a Tidal One: Co-circulation of Annual Influenza and COVID-19

It remains to be seen whether influenza and COVID-19 will overlap. The actions we take now will determine how well we navigate the coming waves and...
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WTBS 22 The End of The Beginning: What’s Next for EDs in the COVID-19 Pandemic?

In this month's Waiting to Be Seen blog Dr. Howard Ovens explores The End of The Beginning: What’s Next for EDs in the Pandemic? Many questions hav...
Tactical Medicine News

WTBS 21 The COVID-19 Outbreak Part 2: Emergency Medicine’s Coming of Age

Bjug Borgundvaag expands on "the mission" aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic for EM and explain why this might just be the best moment ever to be an e...
Tactical Medicine News

WTBS 20 The COVID-19 Outbreak, Part 1: A Character-Defining Period

COVID-19 is a character-defining moment for us as individuals, EDs, and communities, and even as a country and a species. How will you look back on...
Tactical Medicine News

WTBS 19 Does Poor Access to Language Services Leave Emergency Departments Primed for Tragedy?

In this guest Waiting to Be Seen blog by Dr. Gaibrie Stephen, we discover the evidence supporting a more rigorous and professional approach to lang...
Tactical Medicine News

WTBS 18 Zero-Tolerance Policies in the ED Part 2: Taking a Look in the Mirror

Are there things we can do in the ED to reduce the risk of violence? We focus on some of the high-risk populations that are often involved in situa...
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WTBS 17 Zero-Tolerance Policies in the ED, Part 1: The delicate balance of protecting staff while ensuring patient access

We often face violence in the ED. Yet the ED is a sanctuary for care and support. Many EDs have a zero-tolerance policy for violence. In this Waiti...
Tactical Medicine News

WTBS 16 Listening for the QI Signal in the Noise of ED Return Visits: Focus on Missed MI

Jesse McLaren outlines 10 Quality Improvement (QI) opportunities for reducing missed AMIs and the lessons learned from Ontario’s Emergency Departme...
Tactical Medicine News

WTBS 15 Planning to Fail: Why Warning Patients to Stay Away from the ED Will Never Work

It’s been another trying flu season in the northern hemisphere—for patients and for emergency department (ED) providers. EDs that are crowded at th...
Tactical Medicine News

WTBS 14 Improving Patient Flow in the ED: 7 Strategies for Nurses

It is both an evidence-based truth and almost a mantra of emergency department (ED) providers and leaders that the major cause of ED overcrowding i...
Tactical Medicine News

WTBS 13 Transgender Patients: How to Foster a Safer Emergency Department Environment

In this EM cases Waiting to Be Seen blog we discuss how to make Emergency Departments safe places for transgender patients to access care that is i...
Tactical Medicine News

WTBS 12 – Introducing EM Cases Conflict of Interest Policy

Whenever discussions about conflict of interest (COI) come up, one of the first questions that’s inevitably raised is why are we focusing only on f...
Tactical Medicine News

WTBS 11 – Keeping Score: Providing Physician Feedback

What does the evidence say about the true utility of physician performance feedback and scorecards? Do they meet a real need for information to gui...
Tactical Medicine News

WTBS 10 – EM Quality Assurance Part 2: Individual Responsibilities

Last month in introducing part one of our guest blog on quality assurance I told a story about a missed opportunity with follow-up care. This month...
Tactical Medicine News

WTBS 9 – EM Quality Assurance Part One: Improving Follow up from the ED

This is Waiting to Be Seen 9 on EM Cases - Improving Follow up From the ED, Quality Assurance Part 1. We all face the challenge of how to manage fi...
Tactical Medicine News

WTBS 8 – Succeeding With the Dirty Task of Hand Hygiene Promotion

Succeeding with the dirty task of hand hygiene promotion How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb? The punch line to that old jok...
Tactical Medicine News

WTBS 7 – Is Triage Obsolete?

Triage as a system of managing patient flow in the emergency department seems to be under attack. For instance, Dr. Shawn Whatley, a colleague of m...
Tactical Medicine News

WTBS 6 Measuring Quality – The Value of Health Care Metrics

A New York Times article titled “How Measurement Fails Doctors and Teachers” went viral on social media in January and caused a lot of chatter in m...
Tactical Medicine News

WTBS 5 Emergency Physician Speed Part 2 – Solutions to Physician Productivity

In Emergency Physician Speed How Fast is Fast Enough – Part I, Dr. David Petrie addressed the issue of physician productivity (patients per hour, o...
Tactical Medicine News

WTBS 4 – Emergency Physician Speed: How Fast is Fast Enough?

Racing legend Mario Andretti famously said, “If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough.” He was talking about cars, but ...
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Health Equity, Trust and Data Collection in the Emergency Department

I view the emergency department as a safe refuge, a modern-day secular sanctuary. We are the one health-care service that never turns anyone away; ...
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