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Podcast 135: What’s the Best Airway?

Paul |

What is the best airway for a SOF Medic? Does the setting matter?

Join Dennis as he takes on the role of the devil’s advocate as they discuss airway management and the airway that a SOF Medic should be using in different settings: Cricothyroidotomy or Laryngoscopy??? As experienced airway takers in both pre-hospital and hospital settings, they had some valuable insights. We discussed the controversy over intubation versus cricothyrotomy. Evan and Doug raised some valid points, such as the need for suctioning, paralytics, and the difficulty of obtaining post-intubation sedation medication in resource-limited environments. We also talked about the importance of ongoing training to maintain skills and the need for better difficult airway education in training programs.

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What is the best airway for a SOF Medic? Cric or DL RSI? Does the setting matter?

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