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EM Quick Hits 43 Pediatric Cannabis Poisoning, Esophageal Perforation, Brugada, Career Transitions in EM

by Anton Helman
Oct 11, 2022
On this month's EM Quick Hits podcast: Best of University of Toronto EM with Yaron Finkelstein on pediatric cannabis poisoning pitfalls, Brit Long ...
Tactical Medicine News

Ep 172 Syncope Simplified with David Carr

In this main episode podcast, Dr. David Carr joins Anton to give us his simplified approach to syncope based solely on history, physical and ECG to...
Tactical Medicine News

ECG Cases 33 Brugada Syndrome: 3-Step Approach to Diagnosis and Management

Jesse McLaren guides us through 7 cases and explains his 3-step approach to diagnosing and managing Brugada syndrome in this month's ECG Cases blog...
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ECG Cases 29 Misdiagnosis from Lead Misplacement, Artifact and Lead Reversal

In this ECG Cases blog we review 10 cases of possible artifact, lead reversal and lead misplacement. Can you spot the abnormalities and avoid the m...
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ECG Cases 17 – ST ELEVATIONS mnemonic and Occlusion MI

In this ECG Cases blog we look at 10 patients who presented with ST elevation, and review the differential diagnosis of ST elevation using the ELEV...
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REBEL Core Cast 21.0 – ECG in Syncope

  REBEL Core Cast 21.0 – ECG in Syncope Click here for Direct Download of Podcast
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