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Highly Maneuverable Magnetically Controlled Miniature Robots

Conn Hastings | Jun 16, 21
Researchers at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore have developed miniature robots that are highly maneuverable, and can rapidly move in six degrees of freedom. These tiny devices are magnetic and can be controlled using an electromagnetic coil system that precisely manipulates the direction and strength of magnetic fields. The researchers hope that their technology could pave […]
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Marco Torres | Jun 16, 21
REBEL Core Cast 59.0 – C-Spine Intubation

Take Home Points

  • Neck movement (both extension and flexion) has the ability to cause cord damage.
  • Using hyperangulated blade in video laryngoscopy improves chances for glottic visualization in patients with a c-collar in place.
  • Ultimately, hypoxemia kills – Intubate the patient with what you have available, as there has not been shown to be a definitively superior technique.

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BuMin Kong, MD | Jun 16, 21
SplintER Series: Attack by Bat

Scapula Fracture

30-year-old male presents to the ED with pain over the right shoulder after being assaulted by a bat. The right arm is held in adduction and has a limited range of motion due to pain. An x-ray of the right shoulder was obtained and is shown above (Figure 1. Case courtesy of Dr. Ian Bickle,, rID: 74640).  

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Anton Helman | Jun 15, 21
EM Quick Hits 29 Vasopressor Failure, Asplenic Considerations, Bronchiolitis Update, ICD Electrical Storm, Night Shift Tips

In this month's EM Quick Hits podcast: Anand Swaminathan on vasopressor failure, Brit Long and Michael Gottlieb on aspleic considerations, Sarah Reid on a bronchiolitis update and evolving patterns in the COVID era, Hans Rosenberg and Lindsay Cheskes on ICD electrical storm, Justin Morgenstern on night shift tips...

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Jesse McLaren | Jun 15, 21
ECG Cases 22: T-wave INVERSION mnemonic

The differential for T-wave INVERSION includes: Incorrect lead placement, No bundle (RBBB, LBBB), Ventricular hypertrophy (LVH, RVH), Embolism, Reciprocal/refractory/reperfused occlusion MI, Sudden death (ARVD), Iatrogenic (digoxin), Obtunded (eg SAH), and Normal variant. Jesse McLaren runs through 10 cases of patients who present to the ED who have T-wave inversions on their ECGs...

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Conn Hastings | Jun 15, 21
Kirigami Stent for Localized Drug Delivery
Researchers at MIT have developed a kirigami-style stent that can provide localized drug delivery through needle-like projections that pop out when the stent is extended. The ‘spines’ on the stent’s surface deliver drug-loaded microparticles into the surrounding tissue, allowing for sustained drug release for an extended period. The technology is well suited to administering drugs […]
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