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Tactical Medicine News

CRincubator Live: A Chief Resident Professional Development Learning Lab

by Michelle Lin, MD
Apr 18, 2020
"In every crisis, there is an opportunity." This famous quote by Albert Einstein illustrates the opportunity to reinvent our Chief Resident Incubat...
Tactical Medicine News

Finish Strong: Top 10 Things to Master Before Graduating EM Residency

If you are a senior resident, this post is for you! Right now you’re juggling an array of responsibilities. From adjusting to your new leadership r...
Tactical Medicine News

Building a Cohesive Residency Program: Top 10 Strategies to Engage Residents

Welcome to the beginning of the most exciting and terrifying time in your residency — the start to a new year! To help start the year off right a g...
Tactical Medicine News

ED Charting and Coding: History of Present Illness & Past Medical, Family, Social History

Remember the “OPQRST” mnemonic? It stands for Onset, Provocation/Palliation, Quality, Region/Radiation, Severity, Timing. Not only can it guide you...
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PV Card: Introduction to ED Charting and Coding

What makes a good chart? How do you write a good chart quickly? How about a good, efficient, billable chart? On average, residents and practicing p...
Tactical Medicine News

Free ALiEM In-Training Exam Prep Book is now published

It is with great pleasure that we announce the first edition of the ALiEM In-Training Exam Prep Book in both PDF and iBook form. This free book was...
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