60-Second Soapbox: Maday (Name Game), Colbenson (Knee Immobilizer), Roland (Knowledge Translation)

Dec 02, 15
60-Second Soapbox: Maday (Name Game), Colbenson (Knee Immobilizer), Roland (Knowledge Translation)

60-second soapboxWelcome to the newest iteration of 60-Second Soapbox! Each episode, one lucky individual gets exactly 1 whole minute to present their rant-of-choice to the world. Any topic is on the table – clinical, academic, economic, or whatever else may interest an EM-centric audience. We carefully remix your audio to add an extra splash of drama and excitement. Even more exciting, participants get to challenge 3 of their peers to stand on a soapbox of their own!



Kristopher Maday, PA-C
Physician Assistant, Assistant Professor
University of Alabama – Birmingham


  • Patrick Bafuma (@EMinFocus)
  • Brendon Riordon (@concernecus)
  • Adam Shain (@rocknicepac)


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Dr. Kristi Colbenson
Emergency Medicine, Sports Medicine
Mayo Clinic



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Damian Roland
Consultant and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Emergency Medicine, Leicester Hospitals


Author information

Sam Shaikh, DO

Sam Shaikh, DO

Editor, 60-Second Soapbox series
Assistant Clinical Professor, Rocky Vista University
Clinical Instructor, University of Colorado School of Medicine
2014-15 ALiEM-CORD Social Media and Digital Scholarship Fellow

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