AIR Series: Neurology Module 1 – Bleeds and Strokes

Mar 14, 16
AIR Series: Neurology Module 1 – Bleeds and Strokes

Welcome to the first Neurology Module! After carefully reviewing all relevant posts from the top 50 sites of the Social Media Index the ALiEM AIR Team is proud to present the highest quality neurology content relating to intracranial hemorrhage and stokes. Below we have listed our selection of the 17 highest quality blog posts within the past 12 months (as of November 2015) related to neurologic emergencies, curated and approved for residency training by the AIR Series Board. More specifically in this module, we identified 5 AIRs and 12 Honorable Mentions.

AIR Stamp of Approval and Honorable Mentions

In an effort to truly emphasize the highest quality posts, we have two subsets of recommended resources. The AIR stamp of approval will only be given to posts scoring above a strict scoring cut-off of ≥30 points (out of 35 total), based on our scoring instrument. The other subset is for “Honorable Mention” posts. These posts have been flagged by and agreed upon by AIR Board members as worthwhile, accurate, unbiased, and appropriately referenced despite an average score <30. All posts will still be part of the quiz needed to obtain III credit.

After reading, please take the quiz. Feel free to ask questions in the blog comment section below. The AIR Board faculty will answer them within 48 hours of posting. Be sure to include your email or contact information where requested in the Disqus blog comment area, so that you will be notified when we reply. We recommend programs give 6 hours (just over 20 minutes per article) of III credit for this module.

Take the quiz at ALiEMU
ALiEMU AIR Neurology 1 block quiz

 Interested in taking the quiz for fun or asynchronous (Individualized Interactive Instruction) credit? Please go to the above link. You will need to create a one-time login account if you haven’t already.

Highlighted Posts

Article Title Author Date Link Title
Reversal of Anticoagulation in a True Emergency Erica Simon, DO, MHA November 10, 2015 EMDocs: Anti-Coag Reversal Approved Instructional Resource
Controversies in the Diagnosis of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Brit Long, MD, and Alex Koyfman, MD November 20, 2015 EMDocs: SAH Diagnosis Approved Instructional Resource
Endovascular Stroke Therapy: Is this the new Standard? Wesley George, MD and Miriam Kulkarni, MD September 8, 2015 EMDocs: Endovascular CVA Tx Approved Instructional Resource
Minor Head Trauma in Anticoagulated Patients: Admit for Observation or Discharge? Salim Rezaie, MD July 20, 2015 RebelEM: Head Trauma and Anti-Coag Approved Instructional Resource
ALiEM-Annals of EM Journal Club: Clinical Decision Rule for Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Teresa Chan, MD January 20th, 2014 ALiEM: CDRs for SAH Approved Instructional Resource
Endovascular therapy helps in ischemic stroke, again (ESCAPE) Parth Rali, MD and Igor Titoff, DO March 27, 2015 PulmCCM: Endovasc for CVA Honorable Mention
Christmas Comes Early for Endovascular Therapy in Stroke Ryan Radecki , MD February 12, 2015 EMLitofNote: Endovasc for CVA Honorable Mention
Stroke Thrombolysis Chris Nickson, MD January 11, 2015 LITFL: TPA for CVA Honorable Mention
Ischemic Stroke Treatment Archive Salim Rezaie, MD November 9, 2015 RebelEM:TPA for CVA Honorable Mention
The Subarachnoid Enigm Rob Orman, MD May 9, 2015 ERCAST: SAH Honorable Mention
Pediatric Stroke: EM-Focused Highlights Richard Slama, MD August 25, 2015 EMDocs: Peds CVA Honorable Mention
Cerebral Venous Thrombosis Chris Nickson, MD August 15, 2015 LITFL: CVT Honorable Mention
Episode 17 Part 1: Emergency Stroke Controversies Anton Helman, MD January, 2015 EMCases: CVA Honorable Mention
SGEM#137: A Foggy Day – Endovascular Treatment for Acute Ischemic Stroke Rory Spiegel, MD November 21, 2015 SGEM: Endovasc for CVA Honorable Mention
Feeling “Dizzy” Jeffery Hill, MD, and Jon McKean, MD, and Bill Knight, MD November 17, 2015 TamingOTShew: Dizzy Honorable Mention
Stroke and TIA: Pearls and Pitfalls William C. Fergusson, MD, Daniel K. Crane, MD, Alexander X. Lo, MD PhD May 29, 2015 EMDocs: CVA and TIA Honorable Mention
Tissue, Not Time, for Stroke Ryan Radecki, MD September 18, 2015 EMLitOfNote: CVA Honorable Mention

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us!

Background Information About the AIR Series

The ALiEM Approved Instructional Resources (AIR) Series is an effort to reward our residents for the reading and learning they are already doing online. We have created an Individual Interactive Instruction (III) opportunity utilizing FOAM resources for U.S. Emergency Medicine residents. For each module, the AIR board curates and scores a list of blogs and podcasts. A quiz is available to complete after each module to obtain residency conference credit. Once completed, your name and institution will be logged into our private database, which participating residency program directors can access to provide proof of completion.

Do you belong to a residency program that is not currently participating? No problem! Any one can read the AIR series curated post and complete the quiz for educational value!

If a residency program is interested in participating, please contact us!

Author information

Andrew Grock, MD

Andrew Grock, MD

Lead Editor/Co-Founder of ALiEM Approved Instructional Resources (AIR)
Faculty Physician, Greater Los Angeles VA Healthcare System
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
UCLA Emergency Medicine Department

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