Ep 144 Testicular Torsion: A Diagnostic Pathway

Jul 28, 20
Ep 144 Testicular Torsion: A Diagnostic Pathway

In this Part 2 of Urologic Emergencies EM Cases main episode podcasts Dr. Natalie Wolpert and Dr. Yonah Krakowsky answer questions about testicular torsion including: when, after the onset of symptoms, is the testicle salvageable? How sensitive is the presence of cremasteric reflex in ruling out testicular torsion? Are there any set of clinical symptoms and signs or decision tools (such as the TWIST Score) that can rule in or rule out testicular torsion with confidence? How accurate is doppler ultrasound in the diagnosis of testicular torsion? To what degree does Prehn's sign help distinguish epididymitis from testicular torsion? How can you distinguish testicular torsion from torsion of testicular appendage? When is manual de-torsion indicated and how effective is it? and many more...

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