Teaching in the age of COVID-19: Teaching with tech while socially distancing

Mar 17, 20
Teaching in the age of COVID-19: Teaching with tech while socially distancing

social distancing

With the arrival of SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) in North America, programs are facing the need to reconsider how they deliver didactic education to their learners. The ACGME only allows for 20% of the curriculum to be delivered in an asynchronous fashion. The remainder is delivered through traditional didactic means, including “small-group sessions, such as break-out groups, serially repeated conference sessions, practicum sessions, or large-group planned educational activities.” With mandatory social distancing likely to become standard practice, we present multiple solutions to bridge the gap between live, in-person conferences and asynchronous materials.

Beyond American borders, other countries are similarly invoking rules around social distancing, leading to many academic teams seeking ways to digitally work to ensure the safety of each other, non-clinician colleagues, and the wider community. Flatten the curve.

Whether you’re in emergency medicine or not, we feel that over the next 7 posts, you’ll find some tips and tricks that we (the ALiEM Team) have compiled to help you increase your distance teaching and learning game. Enjoy the series, stay safe, and wash your hands!

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Don’t want to reinvent the wheel for your weekly resident conferences? Check out ALiEM Connect, a live educational telecast with a concurrent moderated backchannel discussion.

Author information

Teresa Chan, MD, MHPE

ALiEM Associate Editor
Emergency Physician, Hamilton
Associate Professor, McMaster University
Assistant Dean, Program for Faculty Development, McMaster University
Ontario, Canada

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