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Trick of the trade: Discounted medications at pharmacies

Michelle Lin, MD |

Many times, patients who we deem as “noncompliant” with medications may actually be financially unable to afford medications that we prescribe them. Thanks to Amy Kinard, I just learned about this great new website where you can find pharmacies with amazing discounts for common medications.


I went to Walmart and Target myself to see if this was indeed true, because frankly I couldn’t believe the amazing deals. For example, you can get 20 tablets of ciprofloxacin (500 mg tabs) for only $4.


Download the list of eligible medications and the price list from:

Even more cool is that fact that this same information can be found in a free iPhone app called Generics. Now you can refer patients to the most affordable pharmacy (see below).


Author information

Michelle Lin, MD

ALiEM Founder and CEO
Professor and Digital Innovation Lab Director
Department of Emergency Medicine
University of California, San Francisco

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