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VividTrac Single-Use Intubation Device tm / Video intubation devices. Top Innovation Awards 2013

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VividTrac Single-Use Intubation Device tm  / Video intubation devices

One of the cool things about modern disposable technology is it doesn't have to be cheaply made to be affordable and effective.
Take the VividTrac intubation device from Vivid Medical, available in both adult and pediatric versions. VividTrac is a low cost single-use video intubation device that supports a standard USB connection, allowing the intubation procedure video to be viewed and recorded on a variety of available computers, without the need to purchase an expensive and proprietary display system. The VividTrac device is of a hyper-angulated design that allows insertion to follow the natural curvature of the airway, thus requiring no head tilt, while providing an excellent view of the vocal cords. VividTrac’s integrated endotracheal (ET) tube channel directs the preloaded ET tube into the field of view of the video image and directly toward the vocal cords, allowing for quick and confirmed definitive intubations.
VividTrac’s USB interface is “open system,” allowing the device to connect to any Windows (XP, 7 or 8) or Apple MAC operating systems, and Vivid's low cost VividVision Tablets. Paramedics can now capture digital proof of a successful intubation, and attach that proof to their patient records.
 VividTrac offers a paradigm shift in portability, affordability and availability for video intubation devices, especially in an EMS setting, where for the first time, an affordable high performance video intubation device can be stocked on every vehicle and utilized across all airway management cases.

More information  http://vividtrac.com

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