Combat Medical Systems Sentinel Chest Seal $18.00
The Sentinel® Chest Seal is a device designed to seal an open chest wound and minimize the risk of developing tension pneumothorax, a leading cause of preventable battlefield death. This seal maintains the static placement for spontaneous relief of tension pneumothorax and ensures effective channeling for the release of blood and air. The Sentinel® Chest Seal patented design minimizes vent occlusion while permitting the simultaneous release of blood and air. The 360° layer of Sentinel 10x™ adhesive sticks in place and remains fully adhered to the casualty in all environments while the transparent design allows a clear view of the wound. Together, these features reduce the need to apply multiple seals and lower the risk of tension pneumothorax, a leading cause of preventable battlefield death. Features: CAPABILITIES Vented – simultaneous blood and air release Sticks – 360° Sentinel 10x adhesive Clear – view the wound PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES 360° Sentinel 10x non-water-based adhesive base Transparent to allow a clear view of the wound Reservoir directs blood to the valve to prevent clogging Contains highly absorbent non-woven wipe Two-part peel allows controlled placement Meets CoTCCC guidelines for vented chest seal CLINICAL BENEFITS The adhesive is effective in all environments, reducing the need to apply multiple seals for the same wound Layered design with channels minimize vent occlusion while permitting the simultaneous release of blood and air
Combat Medical Systems MARCH Pre-Lubricated Nasal Airway - 28 Fr $9.00
The Pre-Lubricated Nasal Airway is an adjunct for securing an airway of a conscious or unconscious patient. It is a 28Fr nasopharyngeal airway featuring a smooth, pre-lubricated, beveled tip with soft flexible material that can be safely and easily administered by any care provider. Its unique design allows for maximum patient comfort while inserting and indwelling and ensures proper depth of the airway, maintaining proper placement throughout transport. The Pre-Lubricated Nasal Airway follows the MARCH protocol in a user-friendly, color-coded trauma treatment system distinctly packaged with simple icons for quick, easy identification during stressful situations. Specifications: Pre-lubricated Easily administered Lightweight/low cube Flexible for maximum patient comfort Rounded bevel tip allows for gentle insertion Soft material avoids damage to the nasal passage Silicone material does not crimp or lose shape Easily identification with MARCH labeling 8-year shelf life Pre-lubricated Sterile Latex-free Single patient use Packaged Dimensions: 8.5 x 2.5 x 0.5” Weight: 0.3 oz 100% Made in USA
Combat Medical Systems MARCH Battle Wrap $21.00
  The MARCH™ Battle Wrap® is a clear, non-slip, tear resistant, tactical compression wrap that allows visualization of bleeding, while providing circumferential pressure to the wound. Battle Wrap is extremely strong, self-adhering and ultra-thin; when used in conjunction with a hemostatic it can amplify a pressure dressing application. Battle Wrap® is a high-performance compression wrap for use as an adjunct in hemorrhage control. It is transparent to allow full visualization and rapid reassessment of underlying wounds. Battle Wrap is strong and exceeds the holding power of traditional compression wraps and does not shred or delaminate in the most challenging environments. The medical grade adhesive is self –adhering, non-irritating and leaves no residue on the skin Specifications: TRANSPARENT for rapid reassessment STRONG and flexible for quick application SELF-ADHERING and non-slip; no clips or ties required 6-foot roll packs with minimal cube Leave no residue on skin Self-adhering and non-slip. No clips or ties required Tested to 5000psi tensile strength, 550% elongation at break Clear, flexible, extremely strong Visibility allows for rapid wound reassessment Provides optimal pressure to wound Simple application ensures proper use by responders of any skill level Unique adhesive properties are non-irritating and do not leave residue on skin Protects the wound and exposed skin from external contaminants
Combat Medical Systems Tactical Mechanical Tourniquet (TMT) $48.00
The Tactical Mechanical Tourniquet (TMT™) is a ) is among the latest tourniquets to achieve a CoTCCC recommendation and was subsequently added to the 2019 Tactical Combat Casualty Care guidelines.  It is a device specifically designed for massive hemorrhage control of an extremity and also designed to ensure ease of application and definitively achieve occlusion. Taught as a self-aid and buddy-aid task, the Tactical Mechanical Tourniquet requires minimal training to instantly treat life-threatening hemorrhage of an extremity. The learning curve is quite easy as it requires very similar gross motor skills as other units currently in the market. Additionally, the TMT eliminates shortcomings found in other tourniquets. FAST: True One-Handed Application in 30 seconds or less DURABLE: Co-poly resin acetyl with IR/UV protective additive BETTER: eliminates the current tourniquet “percentage of failure” rate The TMT allows the user the ability to apply the tourniquet one-handed to either upper and lower extremities in 30 seconds or less.  The wider band allows occlusion to be achieved at lower pressures, which increased comfort and reduces injury.  Safety features include a dual locking mechanism to prevent slippage and loss of pressure and audible signature “click” identifies torsion bar is secure. The TMT TQ is made with advanced materials with IR and UV protection, making it less susceptible to the elements from exposure, increasing its service life, and ensuring it works when you need it. It is fully adjustable to accommodate varying limb circumferences ranging from 5-3/4” min to 38” max. SPECIFICATIONS NSN: 6515-01-656-6191 PN: 31-115 CoTCCC Recommended FDA Listed / ISO Certified / CE Marked Latex free / Single patient use Shelf life: Indefinite stored shelf life (controlled environment) Up to 10 year shelf life (operational storage) AbilityOne manufactured / contract Dimensions- Packaged: 4.5”L x 2.5”W x 1.85”D Open: 38.7”L x 2.25”W Weight: 2.9 oz. Accommodates limbs: Min: 5  3/4″ Max: 38″ Co-poly resin acetyl with IR/UV protective additive US Government owned design Berry Compliant Made in USA    
Combat Medical Systems SENTINEL Chest Trauma Kit $88.00
The Sentinel® Chest Trauma Kit is a comprehensive set of products that deliver an enhanced level of user confidence and improve casualty outcomes when faced with symptoms of tension pneumothorax, the third leading cause of preventable traumatic death.1 For open chest wounds, the Sentinel® Chest Seal maintains static placement and ensures effective channeling for the simultaneous release of blood and air. The transparent material provides a clear view of the wound and the design minimizes vent occlusion, reducing the need to apply multiple seals and lowering the risk of tension pneumothorax. When a casualty requires chest decompression, responders must be confident that they have a reliable needle accurately placed into the second intercostal space at the midclavicular line. The Dart needle and the Dart Target give responders at any skill level the confidence and capability to perform accurate chest decompression and have a direct impact on casualty outcomes. CAPABILITES Dart Target™ accurate needle placement Sentinel® Chest Seal is vented Dart® The Pre-Hospital Choice PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES Kit Easy access kit and rugged packaging protects products Lowest cube claim for complete chest trauma kit Contains highly absorbent non-woven wipe IFAK-friendly Sentinel Chest Seal Dual-vent technology enables simultaneous blood and air release 360° Sentinel 10x™ adhesive base stays in place Transparent layered design allows clear view of wound Dart Target Simple needle placement guide for responders at any skill level Ensures chest decompression with anatomical precision Dart Sterile 14-gauge 3.25” tension needle with catheter for chest decompression Thick-walled, uniform catheter — minimizes kinking and adds to first-time decompression success. Constructed with a sure grip hub for low-light and gloved situations CLINICAL BENEFITS Kit Treats tension pneumothorax, the third leading cause of preventable traumatic death1 Comprehensive set of tools for managing penetrating chest trauma Reliable treatment for responders at any skill level Sentinel Chest Seal Remains clinically effective in all operational environments with non-water-based adhesive Channel design minimizes vent occlusion and reduces need to manually vent the wound. Dart Target Only proven and effective needle placement guide for chest decompression Ensures chest decompression needle is in the 2nd or 3rd Intercostal Space, Midclavicular Line
(exceeds the 5th to 95th percentile population range) Dart Catheter design minimizes risk of collapse in intercostal space and need for additional decompression attempts
Combat Medical Systems Mojo Micro Trauma Kit from $174.00
The Micro Trauma Kit is a tactically stocked aid kit that was designed by a major metropolitan SWAT team. Its low-profile, neoprene stretch design attaches to a standard 2” utility and/or gun belt for easy accessibility. The Micro Trauma Kit uses MARCH™ medical gear with icon identifiers in a color-coded trauma treatment system to treat the five leading causes of preventable death. This kit is offered in four different configurations to accommodate the needs of any department or situation.
Combat Medical Systems Mojo First Responder Bag from $251.00
The Mojo® First Responder Bag is a lightweight, highly capable kit that was developed to have the smallest possible cube while matching the capabilities of a standard Combat Lifesaver Bag. It is ideal for team, squad, and as a vehicle jump out bag. The Mojo® First Responder Bag is carried by an adjustable shoulder strap and attaches to MOLLE. It uses MARCH™ medical gear in a color-coded trauma treatment system to treat the five preventable causes of death on the battlefield. The Mojo® First Responder Bag is made of 1000D Cordura® nylon and is available in four different color options, as well as three different content configurations. Bag Only- PN 83-300 Basic- PN 83-301 Intermediate (Each)- PN 83-303 Intermediate (CS/5)- PN 83-303-05 Advanced- PN 83-305

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