FARETEC Redi Splint Immobilizer

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This utility splint made in the USA of high grade aluminum and foam.  It has been proven in the field for years in both civilian and military markets. Redi Splints come in yellow or black, folded or flat. The aluminum interior is more rigid than others on the market, making for a superior splint. Various lengths and widths are available and listed below.



Strong and supportive for any fractured limb. -Works great for standard infusion/as arm board. -Uses “dead soft” aluminum alloy for easy molding. Can be cut with scissors and folded a variety of ways. Volara foam with closed cell cross linked technology.


Can I cut the splint?

Yes but the responder must be aware that the edge of the now exposed aluminum can be sharp and potentially dangerous; it is not recommended.  The Redi Splint is made in several sizes to best suit the patients needs.

What kind of padding is used?

The Redi Splint uses Volara Foam which utilizes a closed cell cross linked technology.  Unlike many of it’s competitors, this foam will not irritate the skin or cause a rash over time.  It’s durable, safe and very effective in this application.

Are there other uses for the Redi Splint?

Yes, over the years literally hundreds of uses have created for the use of this splint.  It is for this reason that it has become a staple in many first responder kits.  It’s simple and also effective in many applications.

This product is designed to aid in pre hospital immobilization on a very large number of injuries.  Its exact method of application is dependent on the type of injury and the person applying the splint. Typically, it is formed to contour the injured limb to support and protect the patient.  It is then wrapped with a bandage or first aid tape, depending on the preference of the first responder. This is an easy means to secure the splint effectively. Removal can be done carefully with scissors, cutting the tape away and then gently pulling the splint off the patient.


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