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Tactical Medicine News

Peering into Peer Review: How can you participate in peer review?

by Christine T. Luo, MD PhD
Sep 13, 2019
As part of the ALiEM Faculty Incubator Program, Dr. Anthony Artino, Deputy Editor of the Journal of Graduate Medical Education (JGME) and Assistant...
Tactical Medicine News

Perspectives on Program Evaluation: Interview with Drs. Megan Boysen-Osborn, Dara Kass, and Andrew King

As part of the ALiEM Faculty Incubator Professional Development Program, Drs. Megan Boysen-Osborn (Program Director at University of California-Irv...
Tactical Medicine News

Interview with Drs. Michael Callaham and Ellen Weber: Behind the scenes of journal peer review

As part of the ALiEM Faculty Incubator Program, Dr. Mike Callaham (Editor-in-Chief of Annals of Emergency Medicine) and Dr. Ellen Weber (Editor-in-...
Tactical Medicine News

EM Fellowship Match Advice: Simulation, Toxicology, and Ultrasound

Subspecialty training within emergency medicine is increasingly becoming a popular route for those interested in pursuing an academic faculty posit...
Tactical Medicine News

EM Match Advice Series: The Non-LCME Applicant

Yesterday the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) opened its digital doors to medical students applying to ACGME residency programs. So...
Tactical Medicine News

EM Match Advice: Reflections from the 2015 EM Residency Match

A new season is upon us again — the 2016 EM residency match season! This EM Match Advice video has program directors reflecting back on the 2015 ma...
Tactical Medicine News

EM Match Advice: VSAS 101 – Securing an away EM rotation

To launch Season 2 of our EM Match Advice Series, Dr. Michael Gisondi has recruited another all-star cast of residency program leaders around the U...
Tactical Medicine News

Author Insight: Ultrasonography versus CT for suspected nephrolithiasis | NEJM

Are you getting a CT or bedside ultrasound as your first-line diagnostic approach to patients with undifferentiated abdominal or flank pain in whom...
Tactical Medicine News

ALiEM Chief Resident Incubator: Mentoring the Future Leaders in EM

We at ALiEM are incredibly excited to publicly announce the 2015-16 ALiEM Chief Resident (CR) Incubator. Every single year, I have seen Chief Resid...
Tactical Medicine News

What is Open Access? Video chat with Dr. Martin Eve

Open Access is not just an issue that plagues scientists and clinical practitioners. Allowing access to scholarly publications and academic work is...
Tactical Medicine News

What Makes a Great Resident Teacher: JGME-ALiEM Hot Topic in Medical Education

Let’s talk journals, knowledge translation, and building our community of practice around scholarship hot topics specifically in medical education....
Tactical Medicine News

EM Match Advice: Post Interview Communications

With interview season now in full swing this winter season, we gathered a few more of our favorite program directors to discuss the hot topic of ma...
Tactical Medicine News

ADJUST-PE Study: ALiEM-Annals of EM Journal Club

We are very excited this month to bring you our fourth ALiEM-Annals of EM Global Journal Club on the use of age-adjusted D-dimer levels to help exc...
Tactical Medicine News

ALiEM Bookclub: How We Die

DNR/DNI, Code Blue, Cardiac Arrest, Traumatic Brain Injury, Exsanguination, Septic Shock, Respiratory Arrest…  and the list goes on. As healthcare ...
Tactical Medicine News

High Sensitivity Troponin T and Acute Myocardial Infarction: One and Done?

There has been a lot of publicity about evaluation of chest pain patients in the emergency department (ED) with high sensitivity troponin testing....
Tactical Medicine News

ALiEM-Annals of EM Journal Club: Targeted Temperature Management

We are very excited this month to bring you our third Global Journal Club. We hope you will participate in an online discussion based on the clinic...
Tactical Medicine News

ProCESS Study: Identify sepsis early and treat aggressively

Today, the New England Journal of Medicine just released a landmark paper by the ProCESS (Protocolized Care for Early Septic Shock) trial investiga...
Tactical Medicine News

ALiEM Bookclub: What Doctors Feel

How do emotions affect the practice of medicine? This is the complex theme behind the latest book by Dr. Danielle Ofri, What Doctors Feel, and the...
Tactical Medicine News

ALiEM Bookclub: Drive – Synopsis and Discussion

Why do we do what we do? This is the question at the heart of this month’s ALiEM Book Club selection. Drive 1 , by author Daniel Pink, discusses t...
Tactical Medicine News

ALiEM Bookclub Promo: Drive – The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

It was a few months into my simulation fellowship and I had been devoting a lot of my time to teaching at the medical school. I loved it. I find f...
Tactical Medicine News

ALiEM-Annals of EM Journal Club: Clinical Decision Rule for Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

We are very excited this month to bring you our second Global Journal Club, co-hosted by the team here at ALiEM and the editorial board at the Anna...
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