MED-TAC International Corp. Bandage Fill Kit $14.00
Re-stocking your first aid kit or responder bag with bandages is a hassle when everyone wants you to have to buy an entire box or case lot of each item. That could add up to a lot of money and you’ll likely never use all of it before it expires. We’ve come up with a smart and cost effective solution: An assortment of the most popular bandages and gauze all in one kit, for under $10. All items are individually wrapped and sterile if indicated, heat sealed together in one convenient bag. Inventory is regularly turned so expiration dates are years out. The kit contains: ABD Trauma Pad 5″ x 9″ (2) ABD Trauma Pad 8″ x 10″ (2) Oval Eye Pad (2) Self-Adherent Bandage 2″ x 4.1yd (2) Elastic ACE Bandage w/ Clips 2″ x 4.1yd (2) Conforming Stretch Rolled Gauze 2″ x 4.1yd (2) Conforming Stretch Rolled Gauze 3″ x 4.1yd (2) Conforming Stretch Rolled Gauze 4″ x 4.1yd (2)
MED-TAC International Corp. Gauze Pads 4" x 4" $6.00
One box of 8-ply 4″ x 4″ gauze pads, packaged in 2’s, 25 packs per box, total of 50 gauze pads. These are sterile, highly absorbent gauze pads and are essential items for any first aid kit.  They are packaged in peel-down pouches for convenient, aseptic handling.
North American Rescue NAR Compressed Gauze $5.00
North American Rescue’s Compressed Gauze is an ultra-compact roll of sterile, high quality 100% cotton gauze that utilizes a unique crinkle weave that has excellent fluid absorption. It is a 6-ply, 4.5” x 4.1 yd. gauze with finished edges to reduce loose ends or lint. The gauze is indicated for the treatment of bleeding and the dressing and bandaging of wounds. NAR’s Compressed Gauze features a proprietary packaging process that ensures the most consistent, low-cube package on the market. The package is a rugged and durable vacuum sealed container with easy-to-open tear notches. The ultra-compact storage size expands once opened to cover larger wound areas. NAR’s Compressed Gauze is an essential item for any medical kit and can be used to control hemorrhage in conjunction with a compression bandage, used as backing gauze for hemostatic dressings or for wound bandaging.
North American Rescue NAR Wound Paking Gauze $6.00
North American Rescue’s Wound Packing Gauze is a compact, easy to use, Z-folded gauze designed for both linear wound packing and basic bandaging. NAR’s Wound Packing Gauze can be used to control hemorrhage when applying direct pressure utilizing wound packing techniques, in conjunction with a compression bandage, as backing gauze for hemostatic dressings, or for minor wound bandaging. Its low cube space requirement and rugged, durable vacuum sealed packaging make it easy to fit in both individual first aid kits and medic kits. The gauze is sterile and pliable, enabling it to be easily handled during patient care and to conform to wound shapes for best results. This particular gauze includes an embedded X-Ray detectable line, making it particularly suitable for wound packing situations., or as backing gauze for hemostatic agents, in conjunction with a compression bandage to control hemorrhage, or for minor wound bandaging.  
MED-TAC International Corp. Cohesive Wrap 2" from $2.00
2″ Cohesive Self-Adherent Wrap, Tactical Black – Single Roll or Box of 24 Perfect for securing packing gauze, reinforcing bandages, holding down dressings, and affixing malleable splints in place.
MED-TAC International Corp. MED-TAC Crinkle Gauze $3.00
A standard piece of gear in every medic bag. Our crinkle gauze is a 4” x 4.1 yard roll of sterile fluffed gauze for treatment of various wounds.   It is invaluable in emergency medical treatment for a variety of uses such as wound packing, wound care, keeping hemostatic dressing in place, splinting, bandaging, and much more.

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