AIR-Pro: Toxicology (Part 1)

Sep 26, 16
AIR-Pro: Toxicology (Part 1)

Welcome to the Toxicology (Part 1) AIR-Pro Module. Below we have listed our selection of the 10 highest quality blog posts related to 5 advanced level questions on toxicology topics posed, curated, and approved for residency training by the AIR-Pro Series Board. The blogs relate to the following questions:

  1. Flumazenil in benzodiazepine overdose
  2. Acetaminophen – drawing and timing of levels
  3. Opioid overdoses
  4. Acetaminophen toxicity related to liver transplant
  5. Salicylates and hemodialysis

In this module, we have 6 AIR-Pro’s and 4 Honorable Mentions. To strive for comprehensiveness, we selected from a broad spectrum of blogs identified through and FOAMSearcher.We have a brand new chief resident team and want to thank the out-going team for all of their support!

AIR-Pro Stamp of Approval and Honorable Mentions

In an effort to truly emphasize the highest quality posts, we have 2 subsets of recommended resources. The AIR-Pro stamp of approval will only be given to posts scoring above a strict scoring cut-off of ≥28 points (out of 35 total), based on our AIR-Pro scoring instrument, which is slightly different from our original AIR Series scoring instrument. The other subset is for “Honorable Mention” posts. These posts have been flagged by and agreed upon by AIR-Pro Board members as worthwhile, accurate, unbiased and useful to senior residents. Only the posts with the AIR-Pro stamp of approval will be part of the quiz needed to obtain III credit. To decrease the repetitive nature of posts relating to these advanced concepts, we did not always include every post found that met the score of ≥28 points.

Take the quiz at ALiEMU
ALiEMU AIR-Pro Toxicology block quiz

Toxicology Module (Part 1) 2016: Recommended III credit hours

3 hours (20 minutes per article, 30 minutes for articles with podcasts)

Article Title Authors Date Title
EMPharmD: Flumazenil: Friend or Foe? Nadia Awad Nov 7, 2013 AIR-PRO
ALiEM: Utility of Pre-4-Hour Acetaminophen Levels in Acute Overdose Bryan Hayes Aug 5, 2015 AIR-PRO
StEmlyns: Opiate Overdose in the ED Simon Carley Feb 27, 2015 AIR-PRO
EMJClub: Treat and Release vs Observation After Naloxone for Opioid Overdose EMJ Club Nov 24, 2014 AIR-PRO
LIFTL: Liver Transplantation for Paracetamol Toxicity Chris Nickson April 30, 2016 AIR-PRO
ALiEM: 5 Tips in Managing Acute Salicylate Poisoning Kristin Fontes Nov 4, 2013 AIR-PRO
LITFL: Paracetamol/Acetaminophen Overdose Chris Nickson Sept 3, 2010 Honorable Mention
ALiEM: Tricks of the Trade: Naloxone Dilution for Opioid Overdose Bryan Hayes Nov 17, 2014 Honorable Mention
LITFL: Paracetamol Chris Nickson 2015 Honorable Mention
EMDocs: Pearls and Pitfalls of Salicylate Toxicity in the ED Samantha Berman & Josh Bucher Oct 13, 2015 Honorable Mention


Author information

Fareen Zaver, MD

Fareen Zaver, MD

Chief Operating Officer, Chief Resident Incubator 2017-18
Lead Editor/Co-Founder of ALiEM Approved Instructional Resources - Professional (AIR-Pro)
Champion, 2016-17 ALiEM Chief Resident Incubator
Board Member, 2016-17 ALiEM Wellness Think Tank
Deputy Head - Education and Clinical Assistant Professor for Emergency Medicine
University of Calgary Emergency Department

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