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Calling all EM residents: Join the Resident Wellness Consensus Summit!

Michelle Lin, MD |

resident wellness consensus summitIt seems that the 2017 year is quickly shaping up to be one of grassroots action both politically and now in emergency medicine (EM). On May 15, 2017, we are launching a joint initiative FOR residents BY residents with Essentials of EM, EM Residents’ Association (EMRA), and the Wellness Think Tank. This event will serve to not only help centralize the conversations about wellness and resiliency, but identify some actionable items and build toolkits to help chip away at this towering problem. Deadline to sign up: March 31, 2017. Join us!

resident wellness consensus summit ad

Date May 15, 2017 (12 pm – 5 pm)
Location Essentials of Emergency Medicine (Las Vegas, NV)
Eligibility EM resident
Discounted cost $249 for the Summit PLUS all 3 days of Essentials of EM (normally $1,149)
How to sign up? Enroll through the EMRA site for the discount
Deadline March 31, 2017 (same day that early bird registration ends for Essentials of EM)
Faculty facilitators Dr. Christopher Doty, Dr. Arlene Chung, Dr. Nicole Battaglioli, Dr. Felix Ankel, Dr. Michelle Lin


All EM Residents: A message to you

Summit Workgroups

Although the Resident Wellness Consensus Summit is May 15, 2017, the work is starting now! We are actively gathering and conducting research for the 4 identified workgroups, based within the Wellness Think Tank.  This is necessary to make best use of our half-day together in May. Our proceedings and summary recommendations will be published in Western Journal of Emergency Medicine, who has partnered with us on this critical initiative.

1. Building Blocks for a New Wellness Program

This group will focus on building a toolkit and an additional curricular blueprint to start a new wellness program. Focus will be on curricular design and logistical implementation of a new program.

2. Successful Strategies You Can Implement Today

This group will create a list of strategies that can be added to an already standing wellness program. These strategies will be sourced from the group at large with the expectation that the strategies would have already been tested or implemented at another residency program. This would be an “ala carte menu” that programs could use to add variety to their wellness program.

3. Best Tech List

This group will focus on wellness-based technologies. The group will be testing and exploring various apps, programs, and products that may improve wellness. At the conclusion, summary recommendations will be provided for EM residency programs.

4. Self-Taught Individual Lesson Plans

This group will be working on creating individual module or lesson plans so that an individual can teach themselves about the below topics. These modules could also be incorporated into the residency core curriculum to cover wellness. The topics are as follows:

  • Performance and Positive Psychology
  • Second Victim Syndrome
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Debriefing

Author information

Michelle Lin, MD

ALiEM Founder and CEO
Professor and Digital Innovation Lab Director
Department of Emergency Medicine
University of California, San Francisco

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