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Most Followed #FOAMed Women on Twitter

By Bryan D. Hayes, PharmD, DABAT, FAACT, FASHP August 30, 2014 0 comments

twitter_2012In 2014 we published a list of the Most Followed #FOAMed Twitter Users (FOAM = Free Open Access Meducation). One observation, keenly pointed out by Dr. Nikita Joshi (@njoshi8), was the lack of female representation on the list. Separately, Dr. Esther Choo (@choo_ek) published a blog post entitled Women in Emergency Medicine Who Give Great Talks. As a follow up to our original post, here are the most ‘followed’ women on Twitter in the FOAM world.

We are particularly interested in understanding the landscape such as who is involved, geographic locations, areas of expertise, and association with blogs/podcasts. Our search strategy was simple:

  1. Twitter was searched for all users with #FOAMed, #FOAMcc, #FOAMtox, #FOAMped, #FOAMems, #FOAM4GP, and/or #FOAM in her Twitter profile. *
  2. This was cross-referenced with Dr. Mike Cadogan’s (@sandnsurf) FOAMed Twitter list (1,074 members as of May 8, 2015).

Most Followed FOAM Women on Twitter **

Rank Twitter Name Twitter Handle Location *** Followers Joined Twitter
1 Michelle Lin @M_Lin San Francisco, USA 9,917 Apr 2009
2 Pam Nelmes @Pam007Nelmes Cornwall, UK 4,631 Sep 2010
3 Michelle Johnston @Eleytherius Perth 4,561 Feb 2010
4 Natalie May @_NMay Manchester, United Kingdom 4,036 Jul 2012
5 gas-and-air doc @mjslabbert RSA, UK, Toronto Canada 3,360 Aug 2010
6 ER doc @ER_doc 3,322 Jun 2008
7 Lauren Westafer @lwestafer New England, United States 2,912 Apr 2012
8 Teresa Chan @TChanMD Canada (Hamilton, ON) 2,882 Jun 2009
9 Natalie Lafferty @nlafferty Dundee, UK 2,640 Mar 2008
10 ER Nurses Care @ERnursescare North Carolina 2,595 Apr 2009
11 Deirdre Bonnycastle @Bonnycastle Saskatoon, Sask, Canada 2,494 Oct 2008
12 Heidi Allen @dreamingspires Sydney, Australia 2,443 Oct 2008
13 Esther Choo MD MPH @choo_ek 2,198 Jan 2012
14 Jess @EMS_Junkie Australia 2,169 Oct 2009
15 Nikita Joshi @njoshi8 California 2,103 Dec 2012
16 Laleh Gharahbaghian @SonoSpot San Francisco/Stanford 1,966 May 2012
17 Tessa Davis @TessaRDavis Sydney 1,849 Oct 2011
18 K Dillon, RDMS, CPC @comalliwrites SF Bay Area, CA 1,748 Nov 2009
19 Penny Wilson @nomadicgp Western Australia 1,724 Mar 2012
20 Madhu Singh MD @thinkalot Pale Blue Dot 1,645 Mar 2009
21 Victoria Stephen @EMcardiac Johannesburg, South Africa 1,619 Nov 2012
22 Annalisa Manca @AnnalisaManca Dundee, Scotland 1,556 Feb 2009
23 Eve Purdy @purdy_eve 1,474 Jul 2012
24 Sara Ali @TheNewbieDoctor 1,213 May 2010
25 Melanie Considine @ruralgreengp Rural South Australia 1,174 Nov 2011
26 Petra Dolman @petradMD Prince George, BC, Canada 1,156 May 2013
27 Shannon O. McNamara @ShannonOMac New York, NY 1,100 Jun 2009
28 Cathi Mon @cathimon South Australia 1,089 Aug 2011
29 Jordana Haber @JoJoHaber Brooklyn, NY 959 Mar 2012
30 Shweta Gidwani @Global_EM London 942 Feb 2009

* Those without one of the FOAM hashtags in her Twitter profile are not included on this list, even if they produce excellent, free content such as Victoria Brazil (@SocraticEM), Megan Ranney, MD MPH (@meganranney), and Ash Witt (@ash_witt).

** Information current as of May 8, 2015.

*** Locations were taken directly from Twitter profiles.


Certainly, the metric of Twitter followers does not necessarily correlate with quality, and it misses newcomers to the FOAM scene and those with a more focused area of expertise/interest.


  • There is worldwide representation from Australia, Canada, the UK, South Africa, the USA, and more.
  • A variety of healthcare professional representation including emergency physicians, nurses, and general practitioners.
  • Subspecialties within Emergency Medicine are also well represented including pediatrics, public health, medical education, simulation, and ultrasound.

It’s amazing to be part of such a great FOAM community with its breadth of expertise and diversity.

Future Direction

Others have noted the lack of gender diversity in the community and have sought solutions. Dr. Petra Dolman (@petradMD) launched a twitter account (@feMedchat) and hashtag (#feMed) dedicated to discussing issues relevant to women in medicine with regular twitter chats, article discussion, and potential mentoring opportunities. This is sure to become an area to follow for future growth and opportunity.

Original August 30, 2014; Updated May 8, 2015

Author information

Bryan D. Hayes, PharmD, DABAT, FAACT, FASHP

Bryan D. Hayes, PharmD, DABAT, FAACT, FASHP

Leadership Team, ALiEM
Creator and Lead Editor, Capsules and EM Pharm Pearls Series
Attending Pharmacist, EM and Toxicology, MGH
Associate Professor of EM, Division of Medical Toxicology, Harvard Medical School

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