Paucis Verbis: Toxic alcohols – Methanol

Jun 15, 12
Paucis Verbis: Toxic alcohols – Methanol

MethanolContinuing on the theme of Toxic Alcohols (osmolal gap, ethylene glycol), this Paucis Verbis card focuses on methanol toxicity. Useful are the American Academy of Clinical Toxicologists recommendations on when to administer an antidote (fomipezole) and when to perform hemodialysis. I redrew the flowchart based on what’s relevant to the ED in the initial stages.

Note that these are merely guidelines and you should tailor management plans with your toxicologist and nephrologist.

PV Card: Methanol Toxicity

Adapted from [1-4]
Go to ALiEM (PV) Cards for more resources.


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