PV card: Early repolarization vs STEMI on EKG

May 16, 13
PV card: Early repolarization vs STEMI on EKG

You are handed an ECG for a 50 year old man with moderate chest pain for 2 hours now and no associated symptoms typical for ACS, PE, aortic dissection, or any other red flags of chest pain. He has no prior ECG’s on file.

  • Is this early repolarization or ST elevation MI?
  • Should I activate the cardiac catheterization lab?

Image courtesy of Dr. Steve Smith at HQMedEd-ecg.blogspot.com

Here are some great literature-based pearls compiled by Dr. Jason West (@JWestEM), an EM resident from Jacobi/Montefiore.

PV Card: ECG – Early Repolarization vs ST Elevation MI

Adapted from [1–7]
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Furthermore, there is a formula to differentiate early repolarization vs STEMI, per Dr. Smith’s publication6:

(1.196 x STE60V3) + (0.059 x QTc) – (0.326 x RA V4)

  • STE60V3 = STE elevation height at 60 msec (1.5 small boxes) after the J-point in lead V3 (mm)
  • QTc = The computer-read QTc interval
  • RA V4 = R wave amplitude in lead V4 (mm)

A result of > 23.4 is predictive of a LAD occlusion causing a STEMI, rather than early repolarization.

P.S. The above ECG image shows early repolarization.


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