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Trick of Trade: Build-it-yourself IV Fluid and Drug Administration Trainer

Christoph Schroth |

iv fluid and drug administration trainer IV simulatorSimulation equipment can be rather expensive and wanting to practice fluid and drug administration does not always warrant the purchase of specialized equipment. Luckily, a simple administration trainer can be made in less than 10 minutes and only costs a few dollars (or even nothing). This is an ideal option for resuscitation training if you are already using a manikin without IV arms or an IO option. Learners can practice preparing infusions and administering fluid or preparing an injection and administering it via the syringe port. This trainer can have multiple IV cannulas in one lid and can even include an intraosseous cannula, such as an EZ-IO.

Trick of the Trade: Build-it-yourself IV fluid and drug administration trainer

The following items are needed:

  1. A plastic container with a tight fitting lid (about 1 liter or larger in volume)
  2. A 3-way tap or IV extension set
  3. An IV cannula (size of your choice)
  4. IV strapping (Opsite, Tegaderm, etc.)
  5. A drill


Step 1: Close the container and drill a hole in the lid (about 4 mm in diameter)

Step 2: Take the needle out of an IV cannula, cut the 3-way tap off the extension set, and slide the tube onto the cannula

iv fluid and drug administration trainer Cannula and Tubing

Step 3: Cut the connector off and slide it through the hole that was drilled. Take any piece of plastic, such as the IV cannula cover, cut off a piece and place it under it, as shown. This prevents it from kinking the tube.

iv fluid and drug administration trainer

Step 4: Secure it in place with an Opsite/Tegaderm or similar dressing.


Final Product

The final product is easily cleaned and compact to store.

iv fluid and drug administration trainer final

Author information

Christoph Schroth

Christoph Schroth

Lecturer in Paramedic Science at Bournemouth University

I lived in South Africa and Namibia for 19 years, working in EMS, teaching first-aid and spending three years as an offshore clinic paramedic, as well as two years in a clinic on a Middle East oil & gas site.

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