What’s on my mind: EBM Resource

Sep 30, 10
What’s on my mind: EBM Resource

junkscienceKeeping up with the EM literature is difficult, particularly when we’re also trying to stay ahead of the curve in our own subspecialties (Healthcare Simulation and Medical Education in my case). Last week I was listening to Scott Weingart’s EMCRIT Podcast and at the very end of the show he mentioned a new EBM resource: TheNNT.

I said to myself, what the **** is The NNT? And then Scott explained:


The Number Need to Treat is the simplest tool to understand the true potential benefits and harms of any of the treatment or tools we use in medicine. TheNNT.com site is a free resources that uses this tool to best communicate the results of high quality evidence”. I’ve looked at this site and cannot wait to use it in the clinical setting when I’m taking care of patients, teaching our residents (and off service residents) and collaborating with other specialist.

I hope its useful to some of you out there and I hope the New York-based, superstar group that put together the site continue to grow it! Are there EBM or on-line teaching resources that you love? Let us know!

The NNT group is: Jarone Lee, David Newman, Josh Quaas, Ashley Shreves, and Graham Walker, all Academic EM Physicians and rockstars in their own right.


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Demian Szyld, MD EdM

Demian Szyld, MD EdM

ALiEM Guest Contributor
Associate Medical Director
New York Simulation Center for the Health Sciences
New York University Langone Medical Center and City University of New York

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