SENTINEL Chest Trauma Kit


SENTINEL Chest Trauma Kit

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Product Description

The Sentinel® Chest Trauma Kit is a comprehensive set of products that deliver an enhanced level of user confidence and improve casualty outcomes when faced with symptoms of tension pneumothorax, the third leading cause of preventable traumatic death.1

For open chest wounds, the Sentinel® Chest Seal maintains static placement and ensures effective channeling for the simultaneous release of blood and air. The transparent material provides a clear view of the wound and the design minimizes vent occlusion, reducing the need to apply multiple seals and lowering the risk of tension pneumothorax.

When a casualty requires chest decompression, responders must be confident that they have a reliable needle accurately placed into the second intercostal space at the midclavicular line. The Dart needle and the Dart Target give responders at any skill level the confidence and capability to perform accurate chest decompression and have a direct impact on casualty outcomes.


  • Dart Target accurate needle placement
  • Sentinel® Chest Seal is vented
  • Dart® The Pre-Hospital Choice


  • Kit
    • Easy access kit and rugged packaging protects products
    • Lowest cube claim for complete chest trauma kit
    • Contains highly absorbent non-woven wipe
    • IFAK-friendly
  • Sentinel Chest Seal
    • Dual-vent technology enables simultaneous blood and air release
    • 360° Sentinel 10x™ adhesive base stays in place
    • Transparent layered design allows clear view of wound
  • Dart Target
    • Simple needle placement guide for responders at any skill level
    • Ensures chest decompression with anatomical precision
  • Dart
    • Sterile 14-gauge 3.25” tension needle with catheter for chest decompression
    • Thick-walled, uniform catheter — minimizes kinking and adds to first-time decompression success.
    • Constructed with a sure grip hub for low-light and gloved situations


  • Kit
    • Treats tension pneumothorax, the third leading cause of preventable traumatic death1
    • Comprehensive set of tools for managing penetrating chest trauma
    • Reliable treatment for responders at any skill level
  • Sentinel Chest Seal
    • Remains clinically effective in all operational environments with non-water-based adhesive
    • Channel design minimizes vent occlusion and reduces need to manually vent the wound.
  • Dart Target
    • Only proven and effective needle placement guide for chest decompression
    • Ensures chest decompression needle is in the 2nd or 3rd Intercostal Space, Midclavicular Line
(exceeds the 5th to 95th percentile population range)
  • Dart
    • Catheter design minimizes risk of collapse in intercostal space and need for additional decompression attempts

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