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European Burn Guidelines

by EMS Solutions International
Dec 25, 2022
European Burn Guidelines Version 4  2017 e-book  European Burns AssociationEuropean Practice Guidelines for Burn Care Minimum level of Burn Ca...
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FREE Training and Certification. Cursos GRATIS ONLINE

¿Ya tomaste alguno de nuestros cursos? Todos los cursos que se ofrecen en el Campus Virtual de Salud Pública de la OPS son completamente gr...
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GUIA DE ACTUACION ANTE EL PACIENTE QUEMADO Unidad de Enfermería de Quemados. Hospital R.U. Carlos Haya. Málaga. España PDF Gratis

GUIA DE ACTUACION ANTE EL PACIENTE QUEMADO Unidad de Enfermeria de Quemados. Hospital R.U. Carlos Haya. Malaga. España PDF Gratis Enlace para d...
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EM Quick Hits 38 ACS in Older Patients, Rural Neonatal Resuscitation, Hemophilia, Hiccups, ECG Computer Interpretation

On this month's EM Quick Hits: Christina Shenvi on ACS in older people, Nour Khatib on rural NRP, Jess McLaren on how not to get fooled by ECG comp...
Tactical Medicine News

Retrospective Validation of High-Sensitivity Troponin with 5 Clinical Decision Instruments

Background: Chest pain is the second most common reason for presentation to the emergency department (ED) and accounts for nearly 6.5 million visit...
Tactical Medicine News

ISAR-REACT 5 Trial: Ticagrelor vs Prasugrel in ACS

Background: In patients presenting to the ED with acute coronary syndrome (ACS), dual antiplatelet therapy is the current standard treatment.  This...
Tactical Medicine News

JJ 16 Heparin for ACS and STEMI

Does heparin - LMWH or unfractionated heparin - benefit the patient with a pretty good story for angina with a bump in their troponin and some ST d...
Tactical Medicine News

Can Emergency Physicians Use Clinical Gestalt to Predict Acute Coronary Syndrome?

Background: Chest pain is a common chief complaint the Emergency Department, and the differential diagnosis includes life-threatening conditions fr...
Tactical Medicine News

Ep 128 Low Risk Chest Pain and High Sensitivity Troponin – A Paradigm Shift

In the age of high sensitivity troponins and the HEART pathway, which patients are safe to discharge home from the ED? What are the most useful his...
Tactical Medicine News

More Trials Showing Harm of Opioids in ACS…or do They?

Background: Typical medical treatment of ACS patients include dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT) and revascularization with primary percutaneous coro...
Tactical Medicine News

The Death of MONA in ACS: Part III – Nitroglycerin

Background: Nitroglycerin is a first line agent in the treatment of ACS. The physiologic basis for it’s use rests on it’s ability to promote corona...
Tactical Medicine News

The Death of MONA in ACS: Part II – Oxygen

Background: The first report for supplemental oxygen for angina was in 1900, and since then oxygen therapy has been a commonly used treatment of pa...
Tactical Medicine News

The Death of MONA in ACS: Part I – Morphine

Background: Morphine is a commonly used medication in acute coronary syndromes (ACS) to help relieve pain which in turn can help reduce sympathetic...
Tactical Medicine News

The DETO2X Trial: Do Patients with AMI Need Supplemental O2?

Background: Each year approximately 790,000 Americans suffer an acute myocardial infarction (AMI) (Benjamin 2017). Traditional treatment for an acu...
Tactical Medicine News

Does My Patient with Chest Pain Have Acute Coronary Syndrome?

Background: We have already discussed the value of a good history in assessing patients with chest pain on REBEL EM. What is known about chest pain...
Tactical Medicine News

High Sensitivity Troponin Testing

Troponin testing is an important component of the diagnostic workup and management of acute coronary syndromes (ACS). The increasing sensitivity of...
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