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Tactical Medicine News

ECG Cases 32 Prehospital ECG pearls and pitfalls

by Jesse McLaren
Jun 21, 2022
In this ECG Cases blog we review 8 cases of patients with prehospital ECGs and explore prehospital ECGs for diagnosing STEMI, Occlusion MI, false S...
Tactical Medicine News

Effect of Intra-Arrest Transport and eCPR on Neurologic Outcomes in Refractory OHCA

Background Information: Refractory out of hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) is defined as prolonged cardiac arrest and cardiac arrest without return o...
Tactical Medicine News

Manual del bombero. Academia Vasca de Policía y Emergencias.

Manual de Bomberos Operaciones de Salvamento "URGENCIAS SANITARIAS PARA BOMBEROS" Arkaute Akademia Manual del bombero. Academia Vasca de Polici...
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  SINDROME DE APLASTAMIENTO Torniquetes en trauma por aplastamiento (crush injuries) by JORGE INSIGNARES, MD
Tactical Medicine News

T.A.L.O.N.™ (Tactically Advanced Lifesaving IO Needle)

T.A.L.O.N.™ (Tactically Advanced Lifesaving IO Needle)  Dr. Ramon Reyes, MD Curso gratis  Curso Gratis online: EZ-IO ® T.A.L.O.N.™ Needle Se...
Tactical Medicine News

12th Man Emergency Playbook / MANUAL TACTICO PARA EMERGENCIAS. 12th MAN ¿Cómo sobrevivir un tiroteo. Versión en Español?

12th Man Emergency Playbook PDF Grupo en TELEGRAM de Emergencias ¿Por qué es más fácil aceptar las ...
Tactical Medicine News

GUÍA de BUENA PRÁCTICA CLÍNICA en Situaciones de Urgencia. Organización Medica Colegial OMC España PDF Gratis

Bajar en formato pdf290 paginasTamaño 833KB l   GEOLOCALIZACION Desfibriladores  Republica Dominicana  ...
Tactical Medicine News

Guía para la prevención de pinchazos con Agujas by Asociacion de Enfermeras de Estados Unidos

Guía para la prevención de pinchazos con Agujas    MAS LIBROS MEDICINA Y SALUD
Tactical Medicine News

IDEA Series: An asynchronous EMS curriculum implemented during COVID-19

The novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) resulted in the cancellation of educational experiences for emergency medicine (EM) residents at many ins...
Tactical Medicine News

Navigating Life After Residency: 10 Lessons I Learned in EMS Fellowship

The transition from residency to your first job or fellowship is an exciting time in any career. New opportunities for professional growth appear, ...
Tactical Medicine News

Building Equipment Kits for Streamlined Care

In the setting of emergent care, the ability to access equipment rapidly and reliably can be a deciding factor in patient outcome. Poor stockin...
Tactical Medicine News

Nuclear Attack: What Emergency Physicians Working in the ED Need to Know

Ever wonder what would happen if you were working in the emergency department (ED) when a nuclear attack happens? We’ve all had questions on boards...
Tactical Medicine News

Climate Change and Emergency Medicine: A Specialty on the Frontline

Emergency medicine (EM) is on the frontlines of climate change, which the Lancet Commission declared “the biggest global health threat of the 21st ...
Tactical Medicine News

ALiEM Book Club: A Thousand Naked Strangers: A Paramedic’s Wild Ride to the Edge and Back

“EMS is wild and imperfect. Just like our patients. It’s dangerous and a little mad and possibly contagious…patients don’t come to us… we go to the...
Tactical Medicine News

EMS Fellowship: 10 Questions I Wish Applicants Would Ask the Fellowship Director

Well, it is EMS fellowship interview season again, and every year after the lovely encounter with very well qualified candidates, I am left wonderi...
Tactical Medicine News

Mechanical CPR and the LINC trial

The first time I saw the Thumper performing CPR on a patient I thought “well, that makes sense.” Since then we have seen other devices, most notab...
Tactical Medicine News

Prehospital: Does QUICKER hypothermia equal BETTER hypothermia?

The short answer to this question is NO. Since the landmark post-arrest, therapeutic hypothermia studies published in 2002, 1,2  extensive efforts ...
Tactical Medicine News

52 Articles in 52 Weeks: Landmark EM Articles 2013

To provide a resource for evidence-based Emergency Medical education, this list of must-read landmark articles was created to supplement the Emerge...
Tactical Medicine News

Free Study Guide for EMS Board Exam

The faculty and fellows of the UCSF EMS/Disaster Fellowship Program met monthly over the past 2 years to to write a study guide for for the EMS Med...
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