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Tactical Medicine News

Spinning Disc Separates Circulating Tumor Cells from Blood

by Conn Hastings
Jun 29, 2022
A team of researchers at Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology in Korea created a centrifugal system to separate circulating tumor ...
Tactical Medicine News

Automated Wearable Breast Ultrasound System: Interview with Maryam Ziaei, CEO of iSono Health

iSono Health, a medtech company based in San Francisco, has created the ATUSA System, a wearable 3D ultrasound breast scanning system. The device i...
Tactical Medicine News

Photonic Technique for Deeper Fluorescent Sensors

Researchers at MIT have developed a method that lets them read the signal from fluorescent sensors that are as deep as 5.5 centimeters in tissue. P...
Tactical Medicine News

Advanced Multi-Organ Chip for Personalized Medicine

Researchers at Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science developed an advanced organ-on-a-chip system that incorporates heart, ...
Tactical Medicine News

Soft Robotic Sleeve for Lymphedema Treatment

Researchers at the University of Waterloo in Canada created a soft robotic sleeve to treat lymphedema. Lymphedema involves fluid accumulation in ti...
Tactical Medicine News

Wireless Implant for Anti-Cancer Photodynamic Therapy

Researchers at Texas A&M University created a wireless device that aims to illuminate and destroy residual tumor cells left after cancer resect...
Tactical Medicine News

Molecular Robots Swarm to Deliver Cargo

Researchers at Hokkaido University in Japan created molecular robots that can employ swarm behaviors to move and release small cargoes. The robots ...
Tactical Medicine News

Optical Therapy Leads to Cancer Apoptosis

Researchers at Okayama University in Japan developed a novel technique to induce cancer cell apoptosis using light. The technology involves modifyi...
Tactical Medicine News

Acoustic Tweezers Help Characterize Cell Interactions

Researchers at Duke University created an acoustic tweezer system that can precisely manipulate cells and particles. The device can be used to stud...
Tactical Medicine News

Genetically Engineered Bacteria Evade Immune System to Kill Cancer

Researchers at the Columbia University created a genetically modified bacterium that expresses a molecular cloak to help the bacterial cells to sta...
Tactical Medicine News

Cell-Loaded Beads Release Cytokines to Eradicate Tumors

Researchers at Rice University have created a cytokine delivery system that can produce localized immunotherapy at a tumor site for 15-30 days. The...
Tactical Medicine News

MRI-Guided Magnetic Seeds Heat and Destroy Tumors

Scientists at University College London have developed a highly targeted anti-tumor treatment. The approach involves guiding ferromagnetic thermose...
Tactical Medicine News

EM Quick Hits 35 – 10 Best Papers of 2021, Peripartum Cardiomyopathy, Crashing Asthmatic, Febrile Neutropenia, Anaphylaxis update

In this months EM Quick Hits podcast: Ken Milne expertly walks us through the 10 biggest EM papers of 2021, Brit Long on a careful structured appro...
Tactical Medicine News

Optical Biopsy to Spot Tumors Among Healthy Tissue

Researchers at Orel State University in Russia have developed a biopsy system that can distinguish between healthy and cancerous tissue in many cli...
Tactical Medicine News

Hairy Nanocrystals Capture Chemo Drugs

Researchers at Penn State working with collaborators have developed a nanomaterial that can ‘mop up’ chemotherapeutics in the bloodstream, helping ...
Tactical Medicine News

New Hydrogel Material for Vocal Cord Repair

Researchers at McGill University developed a tough hydrogel that can resist mechanical forces found in the body. However, the material still provid...
Tactical Medicine News

Fish-Shaped Microrobots to Deliver Chemotherapy to Tumors

Researchers from the University of Science and Technology of China, working with outside collaborators, have developed shape-shifting microrobots t...
Tactical Medicine News

Cold Cap Therapy for Chemo Patients: Interview with Kate Dilligan, CEO of Cooler Heads Care

Cooler Heads Care, a medtech company based in San Diego, created Amma, a cold cap therapy device that aims to help chemotherapy patients to preserv...
Tactical Medicine News

Weighing Cancer Cells for Chemotherapy Susceptibility Testing

A collaboration between groups at MIT and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute led to the creation of a system that allows for quick determination of the s...
Tactical Medicine News

Handheld Photoacoustic Device for Lymph Node Assessment

Researchers at Pohang University of Science & Technology in South Korea have developed a handheld photoacoustic device that can locate sentinel...
Tactical Medicine News

Pancreatic Organoids Grown Inside Synthetic Gel

A team at MIT has developed a technique to grow organoids, both from healthy and cancerous pancreatic tissue, using a synthetic gel that predictabl...
Tactical Medicine News

Oscillating Magnetic Field Shrinks Glioblastoma Tumor

At the Houston Methodist Neurological Institute, researchers have developed a device that generates a magnetic field and used it to successfully sh...
Tactical Medicine News

Robotic Brace Measures Neck Mobility in Cancer Patients

Patients with head and neck cancer frequently require surgical removal of lymph nodes from the neck. While this is necessary, it can cause pain and...
Tactical Medicine News

Nanoparticles for Tumor Imaging and Cancer Urine Testing

Scientists at MIT have announced that they developed novel nanoparticles to detect cancer in urine samples. As well as detecting the presence of tu...
Tactical Medicine News

AI and Multispectral Photoacoustic Imaging to Diagnose Thyroid Cancer

Researchers at Pohang University of Science & Technology in South Korea are reporting on having developed a technique for minimally invasive di...
Tactical Medicine News

AI System Spots Prostate Cancer During Routine CT Scans

Researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, created an AI system that can identify prostate cancer during routine CT scans. It is typic...
Tactical Medicine News

Inexpensive Filter Isolates Circulating Tumor Cells

Researchers at Kumamoto University in Japan have designed an inexpensive and convenient filter that can isolate circulating tumor cells from as lit...
Tactical Medicine News

Localized Prostate Cancer Therapy: Interview with Shyam Natarajan, CEO of Avenda Health

Avenda Health, a medtech company based in Santa Monica, California has developed the Focal Therapy System. It provides AI-powered prostate cancer t...
Tactical Medicine News

Edoxaban in Cancer-Associated VTE

Background: Venous thromboembolism (VTE) occurs frequently in patient with cancer. Treatment in this group entails a number of challenges including...
Tactical Medicine News

Rapid Reviews Videos on Oncologic Emergencies

The EM Cases Rapid Reviews Videos library is growing! You might have had trouble remembering all the details of Episode 33 Oncologic Emergencies fr...
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