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Tactical Medicine News

Printing Bone Constructs During Surgery

by Conn Hastings
Apr 20, 2022
Scientists at Penn State developed a method to print a ‘bone’ construct during a surgical procedure. The technique is intended to allow surgeons to...
Tactical Medicine News

3D Bioprinted Constructs Change Shape Over Time

Researchers at the University of Illinois Chicago have developed a method to create 3D printed cell-loaded bioink constructs that can change shape ...
Tactical Medicine News

Soundwave Microchip to Grow New Bone Cells

Researchers at RMIT University in Australia built a microchip that can induce stem cells to differentiate into bone cells by stimulating them with ...
Tactical Medicine News

Smart Orthopedic Implant to Enhance Bone Growth: Interview with Ben Hertzog, CEO at Intelligent Implants

Intelligent Implants, a medtech company based in Cork, Ireland, has developed the SmartFuse TLIF cage, a spinal implant intended to enhance bone he...
Tactical Medicine News

Robotic Spinal Replica for Surgical Planning

A team at Florida Atlantic University has developed a 3D-printed replica of a portion of the human spine, based on patient CT data. The patient-spe...
Tactical Medicine News

Piezoelectric Scaffold Boosts Cartilage Regeneration

A team of researchers at the University of Connecticut have developed a biomaterial scaffold that generates small amounts of electricity when compr...
Tactical Medicine News

Shape-Shifting Microbot to Repair Bones

Researchers at Linköping University in Sweden and Okayama University in Japan developed a shape-shifting microrobot that can self-create a bone-lik...
Tactical Medicine News

Health Gadgets to Help Beat Sitting All Day

Whether in front of the computer or TV, driving on long commutes, or attending a sporting event, the average person spends more than 12 hours a day...
Tactical Medicine News

Wireless Electronic Sensor to Monitor Bone Health

Engineers and orthopedic specialists at the University of Arizona built an ultra-thin wireless sensor that is designed to monitor bone health over ...
Tactical Medicine News

3D Blood Vessel Map Reveals Location of Stem Cells

Scientists at Johns Hopkins used a combination of molecular labeling and imaging techniques to create a three-dimensional map of the blood vessels ...
Tactical Medicine News

Washable Fabric Measures Electrical Activity of Muscles

Researchers at the University of Utah engineered a wearable fabric that can function as a biosensor, measuring electrical activity of muscles. The ...
Tactical Medicine News

Synthetic Peptides Jump Around to Repair Spinal Injuries

Researchers at Northwestern University have developed an injectable therapeutic that consists of synthetic peptide sequences intended to regenerate...
Tactical Medicine News

Medgadget Reviews the Sleep Number i10 360 Smart Bed

Ten years ago, Sleep Number gave Medgadget the opportunity to try out their advanced beds. As you’ve probably seen on numerous TV commercials and i...
Tactical Medicine News

A Handheld X-Ray System: Interview with Evan Ruff and Gregory Kolovich, Co-Founders of OXOS Medical

OXOS Medical, a medtech spin-off out of Georgia Tech, has created the Micro C, an FDA cleared handheld X-ray system that is designed to image the d...
Tactical Medicine News

Explorer Surgical Expands into Robotic Surgery: Exclusive with CEO Jennifer Fried

As cloud and digital platforms continue to gain traction, we’re seeing a trend toward increased investments in robotic surgery in medical technolog...
Tactical Medicine News

Swoop Portable MRI: Interview with David Scott, President and CEO of Hyperfine

Hyperfine, a company based in St Guilford, Connecticut, created Swoop, a portable MRI scanner. The device received FDA approval as the first bedsid...
Tactical Medicine News

Antimicrobial Coating Prevents Infections Around Ortho Implants

A group at Duke University engineered an antibiotic delivery system to make the surfaces of orthopedic implants resistant to bacterial infiltration...
Tactical Medicine News

3D-Printed Implant for Personalized Knee Realignments

Researchers at the University of Bath in the UK created a framework for 3D printing personalized high-tibial osteotomy (HTO) plates, using a titani...
Tactical Medicine News

Reverse 3D Printing to Make Tiny Medical Implants

Researchers at RMIT University in Australia have developed a new 3D printing technique that allows them to create incredibly small and complex biom...
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