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ALiEM Book Club: THE CHECKLIST MANIFESTO – Join the conversation

by Nikita Joshi, MD
Jul 22, 2013
New Horizons Do you like the ALiEM Book Club?  Well we like you too!…  so much so that we want YOU to join in on the next book discussion! We are ...
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Seth Godin’s TED talk on "Stop Stealing Dreams"

Seth Godin, a marketing guru, discusses his opinion about “what school is for” in this above video. Although this talk or Seth Godin are not direc...
Tactical Medicine News

TED video: The happy secret to better work

If you have a few minutes, take a listen to this rather humorous and thought-provoking TED video about the "intersection of human potential, succes...
Tactical Medicine News

TED Video: A lesson from spaghetti sauce on appreciating diversity

One size does not fit all. This is the crux of Malcolm Gladwell’s 18-minute talk. He gave this talk just before his book “Blink” went huge. He make...
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TED-Ed Brain Trust: Catalyzing an education revolution

If you have not heard of TED videos, I highly encourage you to view them. They are short, inspirational, and professional talks by leaders, scienti...
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Nancy Duarte at TedxEast: The anatomy of a great speech

Nancy Duarte, the author of “Resonate — Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences” and CEO of Duarte Design, recently gave a talk at TedxEast...
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School Sucks: Building a new culture of teaching and learning

In his talk (subtitled “School Sucks”), Northwestern University Physics Professor Dr. Tae describes how he would improve math and science educati...
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