North American Rescue,NAR RUF Pack Kit,medic-packs.

NAR RUF Pack Kit


DFB123 80-0974


North American Rescue


Basic w/Combat Gauze

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The RUF is a slim profile trauma aid pack designed to carry a minimum of two complete sets of IFAK contents along with additional trauma supplies. It is designed with two identical tear away internal panels that hold a myriad of standard IFAK contents and two tear away clear accessory pouches for additional supplies.

The internal kit also has a shock cord panel designed to hold a compact, soft litter. The kit can be worn with a single bandolier style sling strap as well as comes with a waist strap that can be removed based on the user’s needs.

The outer surface of the pack is slick on the front, with a large central area of velcro for rapid ID patches.  The sides of the pack have single rows of MOLLE for the addition of small pouches such as tourniquet pouches, scissor leashes, Breach pens, etc etc.

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