Emergency Burn Care

The immediate care of a burn injury is very important because any damage to the external skin can predispose the casualty to infection, hypothermia, and dehydration.  Care in the tactical environment should always include cooling all burns with specialized dressings such as Watergel and Burn-Tec, as well as the covering of the area with sterile cloth.  Pain control may also be indicated by personnel that have the ability and protocols to do so.
Tactical Medical Solutions,TacMed™ Basic Burn Kit,medic-packs.Tactical Medical Solutions,TacMed™ Basic Burn Kit,medic-packs.

TacMed™ Basic Burn Kit

Tactical Medical Solutions

BurnTec,BurnTec Dressing,medic-packs.BurnTec,BurnTec Dressing,medic-packs.
H&H Medical,H&H Sterile Burn Blanket,medic-packs.H&H Medical,H&H Sterile Burn Blanket,medic-packs.
H&H TACWrap™ Multi-Purpose Burn CravatH&H TACWrap™ Multi-Purpose Burn Cravat
H&H Medical,H & H ClearCool Hydrogel Burn Dressing,medic-packs.H&H Medical,H & H ClearCool Hydrogel Burn Dressing,medic-packs.
BurnTec,BurnTec Burn Dressing Kit,medic-packs.BurnTec,BurnTec Burn Dressing Kit,medic-packs.
BurnTec,BurnTec Face Mask,medic-packs.BurnTec,BurnTec Face Mask,medic-packs.
BurnTec,BurnTec MINOR Burn Dressing Kit,medic-packs.BurnTec,BurnTec MINOR Burn Dressing Kit,medic-packs.

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