Immobilization restricts motion and can prevent any further damage from being done, including further bleeding. We offer a variety of soft and rigid splints suitable for the pre-hospital and tactical environment.


North American Rescue,NAR Elastic Wrap Bandages,medic-packs.North American Rescue,NAR Elastic Wrap Bandages,medic-packs.

NAR Elastic Wrap Bandages

North American Rescue

Tactical Medical Solutions,TACMED RISE™ - Rigid Immobilization System for Extremities,medic-packs.Tactical Medical Solutions,TACMED RISE™ - Rigid Immobilization System for Extremities,medic-packs.
SAM Medical,Soft Shell SAM Splint - 15SAM Medical,Soft Shell SAM Splint - 15
SAM Medical,SAM Splint II,medic-packs.SAM Medical,SAM Splint II,medic-packs.

SAM Splint II

SAM Medical

North American Rescue,Telescoping Collapsible Splint (TC Splint),medic-packs.North American Rescue,Telescoping Collapsible Splint (TC Splint),medic-packs.
North American Rescue,Tactical Traction Splint,medic-packs.North American Rescue,Tactical Traction Splint,medic-packs.

Tactical Traction Splint

North American Rescue

FARATEC,FARETEC Redi Splint Immobilizer,medic-packs.FARATEC,FARETEC Redi Splint Immobilizer,medic-packs.
Slishman,Slishman Traction Splint,medic-packs.Slishman,Slishman Traction Splint,medic-packs.

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