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Tactical Medicine News

ALiEM Connect: EM residencies unite in a mega virtual conference

by Michelle Lin, MD
Mar 16, 2020
Weekly emergency medicine (EM) residency conferences are not exempt from the #CancelEverything movement as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Resid...
Tactical Medicine News

AIR Series: HEENT Module 2014

Welcome to the second ALiEM Approved Instructional Resources (AIR) Module! In an effort to reward our readers for the reading and learning they are...
Tactical Medicine News

AIR Series: Infectious Disease, Hematology, Oncology 2014

Welcome to the first ALiEM Approved Instructional Resources (AIR) Module! In an effort to reward our readers for the reading and learning they are ...
Tactical Medicine News

New AIR Series: ALiEM Approved Instructional Resources

On behalf of the AIR Executive Board, we are excited to introduce the Approved Instructional Resources (AIR) series! The AIR series was conceived t...
Tactical Medicine News

Announcing the ALiEM-CORD Social Media and Digital Scholarship Fellowship

We very are excited to announce an innovative, joint initiative with CORD (Council of EM Residency Directors) in launching the 2014-2015 ALiEM-CORD...
Tactical Medicine News

Hot off the Press: Talking about Web 2.0 in Emergency Medicine

I am humbled to be included and quoted in a recent Annals of EM commentary about Web 2.0 in Emergency Medicine. Hey, my "street credibility" just w...
Tactical Medicine News

EM-RAP Educator’s Podcast: How to get promoted in academic EM

  Dr. Amal Mattu gives a great 47-minute lecture on “How to Get Promoted in Academic Emergency Medicine”. Catch the podcast from the talk in July’...
Tactical Medicine News

Inspirational graduation speech by Conan

“Your perceived failure can become a catalyst for profound reinvention.” “No specific job or career goal defines me, and it should not define you....
Tactical Medicine News

Advice for the new EM interns

One of my favorite blogs, Better in Emergency Medicine, by Dr. Rob Cooney reviewed the 1991 article entitled “The Ten Commandments in Emergency Me...
Tactical Medicine News

Doing well as a new EM attending physician

 You are super-excited to get your first real job as an emergency physician after residency. Then this immediately turns into a nauseating, super-t...
Tactical Medicine News

Didactic videos for rotating residents the ED

Many academic Emergency Departments are staffed by non-EM residents. Dr. Amer Aldeen and his super-star team from Northwestern created NURRC Modul...
Tactical Medicine News

Article Review: Online curriculum for non-EM residents in the ED

  In many academic Emergency Departments, there are “off-service” or non-EM residents rotating in the department. They are sometimes invited to the...
Tactical Medicine News

Need your help! Favorite medical apps

  So, I volunteered to give a talk for the UCSF Office of Graduate Medical Education WAAAAY back in early 2010 on “There’s an App for That:  Key Sm...
Tactical Medicine News

Residency interview season: Pitfalls

  I often get asked by my advisees: “In my residency interview, what should I talk about or do to make myself more competitive?” To help you demyst...
Tactical Medicine News

New kid on the block: Univ of Washington EM residency

How awesome would it be if there were EM residency programs at the University of Washington and UCSF-SF General Hospital?! This has been the quest...
Tactical Medicine News

Life of an Attending: Is this or will this be you?

Thanks to one of our residents, Hangyul, I just recently learned about a hilarious comic strip series called Scutmonkey Comics in the blog The Unde...
Tactical Medicine News

Hot off the press: Journal of Graduate Medical Education

In 2009, ACGME has launched a new journal focused on graduate medical education, called the Journal of Graduate Medical Education (JGME). For those...
Tactical Medicine News

Article review: Feedback in the Emergency Department

Feedback is important in teaching and learning. I am constantly surprised by medical student and resident comments that they rarely receive feedbac...
Tactical Medicine News

Article review: Conference attendance ≠ better test scores

Not all learners should be expected to have the same learning style. This is exemplified in a recent multicenter study, which addresses whether att...
Tactical Medicine News

Article review: Service versus education

It’s a busy day in the Emergency Department and there are 5 new patients to be seen. The waiting room is overflowing. As the attending, you are get...
Tactical Medicine News

Article Review: Hidden cost of reducing resident duty hours

Patient care versus education This is the tug-of-war struggle that residency programs constantly grapple with. Residents work in an apprenticeship ...
Tactical Medicine News

Article review: Commentary on graduate medical education in the U.S.

“How ready are medical students for the clinical practice of medicine?” This was the question addressed by the landmark 1910 Flexner Report from th...
Tactical Medicine News

Trick of the Trade: The defensive arts against pimping

Thanks to Dr. Rob Roger’s podcast on EM-RAP Educator’s Edition series, I learned of one of the funniest publications EVER in a medical journal. It ...
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