MED-TAC International Corp. Adult Bag Valve Mask $32.00
Adult Bag Valve Mask Our economy Adult Manual Pulmonary Resuscitator (Bag Valve Mask) is offered for those needing a more comprehensive BLS kit or those looking to purchase a good, disposable alternative for budget-conscious departments The kit Includes bag, reservoir, mask and tubing.. all of which are Latex-free.
MED-TAC International Corp. Mini O2 Regulator for Oxygen Cylinder $40.00
Constant flow oxygen regulator made for any tank with an 870 CGA fitting like in the main product picture. Flow rate is user adjustable from 0 to 15 liters per minute. Includes cylinder wrench for turning on and off the flow of oxygen from the cylinder. Brand: Lightning X Products, Inc – FDA Owner/Operator #10051897 Fits any tank with 870 CGA fitting Adjustable flow rate of 0-15 liters per minute Compact size measures only 4.5″ x 2.5″ x 1.25″ Includes heavy-duty plastic cylinder wrench Single barb outlet, 50psi, P/N – LXO2R-M For use with our D Cylinder
LIFE Corporation LIFE® SoftPac™ AED Companion Oxygen Unit $472.00
This unit allows you to deliver either 6LPM or 12 LPM with a simple turn of the knob to take the guesswork out of O2 delivery during a resuscitation effort before EMS arrives.  Lightweight portable companion for your AED to provide Emergency Oxygen to a breathing victim before the onset of fibrillation, oxygen-enriched CPR to a non-breathing victim, or continued supplemental oxygen after successful defibrillation. Light Weight...Only 6 Pounds!4 1/2" D x 7 1/2" W x 15" H Comfortable Handle & Shoulder Strap Wall Mount Hook for easy access Constant reading supply gauge through the window (other units must be turned on to read gauge) 40 Minute Supply @ 6 Liters Per Minute 250 Liter Aluminum "C" Cylinder The cylinder is easily disposable/replaceable or refillable at local gas distributors Simple External Two-step instructionsInhalator: administer supplemental oxygen for a breathing victimResuscitator: oxygen enriched mouth-to-mask CPR for a non-breathing victim
MED-TAC International Corp. Non-Rebreather Mask $4.00
Non-Rebreather Oxygen Mask allows for delivery of Oxygen at high concentration. The kit comes with 7ft Tubing, Valve, and a Reservoir Bag
MED-TAC International Corp. Oxygen Cylinder - Size D $158.00
Portable oxygen cylinder for pre-hospital care. 14.6 cubic foot medical oxygen tank (D cylinder) with CGA870 post valve installed. Requires an oxygen regulator. Ships empty.
MED-TAC International Corp. Nasal Cannula Oxygen Tubing $4.00
7 ft Nasal Cannula Tubing – Straight Tip

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