Triage Lights E/T Triage Lights $76.00
The E/T Triage Lights were designed to meet the specific requirements for combat medics operating in the field. The E/T Lights offer significant advantages over traditional chem lights, not the least of which is the ability to turn it off when required. Focused on addressing the need to minimize kit requirements, the E/T Lights offer a cost-effective solution to carrying multiple chemical light sticks. Each Triage Light is capable of illuminating in Yellow, Green, Red, or Blue and feature varying strobing pattern options. The conical shape of the light dome design allows it to be easily visible from multiple angles and it includes a lanyard attachment. Powered by a 3-volt CR2 battery, you can provide long-term illumination from 50 hours to 200+ hours depending on which illumination mode is being used. Constructed with durable silicone housing, the lights are capable of performing in temperatures ranging from -30°F to 130°F and have been pressure tested for one hour in 66ft of water.
Disaster Management Systems Tactical Triage Chest Pack Ribbon Dispenser $294.00
NOTE: Medical Supplies, Magazines and Magazine Pouches Not Included.  A fully kitted out version is also available. Access LSI (Life-Saving Intervention) Supplies When Needed Most! Be it an MCI, Active Shooter, or Routine Medical Run, this Versatile Chest Pack is optimal for any call that requires patient treatment. After rigorous field testing, this pack has proven to meet the demands of high-intensity events.  Key Features: Neck-Sling Design for Rapid Donning and Eyes-Free Access to LSI & Tactical Gear Internal and External Molle Webbing for Custom Configurations of Supplies Optional Loadout Package to Fit Your Specific Needs Rugged Cordura® and YKK® Construction Latex Free Ribbons DMS-05980 Contents: 2 Grease Pens 1 Tethered, Reusable, Laminated Initial Triage Count Card (4) 300' Triage Ribbon    - IMMEDIATE - Red   - DELAYED - Yellow   - MINOR - Green   - MORGUE - Black/White Stripe for Easy Identification in Low Light
North American Rescue NAR T2 Tactical SALT Triage Kit $62.00
Users described what they wanted for organizing disaster emergency response efforts. and they got them the T2™ Tactical Triage Kit, the ultimate resource for on-scene tactical triage! A compact incident command system, the kit streamlines medical triage. A triage flowchart and casualty counter are laminated back-to-back and attached to a break-away lanyard for peak efficiency. The flowchart summarizes the SALT triage process in easy-to-follow steps. The background of the casualty-count card is divided into colored sections matching the casualty-status levels defined by SALT IMMEDIATE - RED DELAYED - YELLOW MINIMAL - GREEN EXPECTANT - GRAY DEAD - BLACK A black grease pencil lets users quickly check off numbers in each category. The four NAR T2 Tags® include a liquid-resistant triage/treatment tag, a plastic sheath with latex-free band for attaching the tag to the patient, a chemical light, a pencil, and status stickers for blood work (contaminated, inside/outside burst, and tourniquet applied). All this critical triage equipment is contained in a lightweight, rugged vacuum-sealed pouch, making it ideal for trauma packs and vehicle kits.  
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North American Rescue T2 MCI Management Kit $1,575.00 $1,619.00
Managing the chaos is the first order of business during a mass casualty event. For maximum success in meeting this challenge, North American Rescue’s T2™ system contains user-friendly tools for every aspect of the new uniformed model for disaster triage (SALT). As the premier product in the NAR T2™ system, the T2™ MCIM Kit offers these tools in a convenient pack that is lightweight, modular and man-portable. This impressive incident command solution gives users the structure they need so medical triage can begin immediately. Four T2™ Triage Officer Kits with NAR T2 Tags® and casualty-count cards are included. One T2™ Command Kit with commander, incident response, Blast/WMD scene commander, and patient-tracking boards is also included. Plus, the kit has a SALT flowchart for ready reference. The T2™ MCIM Kit is ideal for disaster response, field hospitals and military troop concentrations. KIT CONTENTS: 1 x T2™ MCIM Bag 4 x T2™ Triage Officer Kits each containing:  20 x NAR T2 Tags® 1 x Laminated triage flowchart and casualty-count card with break-away lanyard 1 x Black grease pencil 1 x T2™ Command Kit containing:  1 x T2™ Commander Board (Laminated) 1 x T2™ Incident Response Board (Laminated) 1 x T2™ Blast/WMD Scene Command Board (Laminated) 1 x T2™ Patient Tracking Board (Pad, 50 sheets) 2 x Bar Code Storage Sheets 3 x Clear Storage Pouches 2 x Grease Pencils (Black) DIMENSIONS: Case Closed: H 21 in. x W 17 in. x D 9 in. Weight: 15 lb 2 oz
Tactical Medical Solutions TACMED™ WARM ZONE KIT $528.00
As the practice of pushing medical personnel into the “warm zone” of a mass casualty scenario becomes more prominent, so has the need to equip these medics with the right tools for this challenging task. The TacMed™ Warm Zone Kit is designed for quick and efficient treatment and triage of victims in a mass casualty scenario. It can be worn around the waist, slung over the shoulder for rapid movement, or attached to a panel via the MOLLE attaching straps. The Warm Zone Bag utilizes an adjustable draw bridge system that allows the user to control how far the front flap opens, allowing easy access to the bag’s complete contents. The interior of the bag is completely modular, allowing the user to adjust supplies based on their specific preferences. Contents: 2x SOF® Tactical Tourniquet – Wide 2x 4" OLAES® Modular Bandage, flat-packed 4x Printed Casualty Marking Tapes 5x Chem Lights 2x NPA w/ Lube 1x Fox Chest Seal 2x 2" Tape 1x Marking Pen Additional loops and inserts * As many of our kits are built to order, please allow additional shipping time for stocked kits. If you need a firm delivery date or have an urgent order, please let us know!

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