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Prolonged Field Care Kits

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Prolonged Field Care is field medical care applied beyond doctrinal planning timelines until the patient can be delivered to definitive care. PFC is not a defined set of skills or a phase of care, essentially it is “taking care of a patient who you know needs to be somewhere else for much longer than you are comfortable with.”

Prolonged Field Care incorporates best medical practices of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and general hospital-based medical care, with the goal of delivering advanced resuscitative capabilities by providers closest to the point of injury. By doing so, PFC builds upon these practices for the continuing management of both medical and trauma patients in wilderness environments, decreasing both mortality and morbidity in austere, pre-hospital operational settings.

We help this mission by providing the most commonly requested and used pre-packaged procedural kits used in this environment.

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