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Noontime™ Plate Carrier




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Product Description

The most advanced and lightweight plate carrier today. Aimed at filling the gap between uniform plate carriers and robust tactical armor systems, the Noontime™ provides scalability in a professional package. Utilizing advanced textiles technologies produces a lightweight yet rugged and durable carrier. Combining the strength of Aramid thread laminated in a diamond pattern to 500d Cordura® makes the Noontime™ the lightest plate carrier capable of the rigors of operational demands. Key design features allow for the interoperability of other brands’ placards and equipment.

The Noontime™ includes our KANGAROO ADJUSTABLE INSERT which is capable of limitless configurations. The 1.5” OneWrap Velcro bottom straps allow the user to set the depth of each of the three individual slots separately. And using Mil-Spec elastic, we ensure its elasticities and retention functions can sustain operational demands. By changing the depth of the sections on the insert as the mission dictates, one eliminates the need for additional inserts or placards. From handcuffs to magazines, tourniquets to radios, the KAI remains the most versatile insert on the market. To then increase its versatility further, we have included dual vertical stitch lines between the sections so that the user can cut away and modify the number of sections of insert used.

Our lightweight vented Noontime™ cummerbund provides a minimalistic profile while maintaining tactical load bearing capabilities. Able to secure side armor pouches, we reinforced the cummerbund with Tegris composite for structural rigidity and MOLLE compatibility. Shock cord connects the two cummerbund halves to create optimal sizing options for the ultimate in comfort and usability for the wearer.

Our Cummerbunds can be worn with either the Velcro or tube adapter ends to the front of the carrier, allowing the use of our Cummerbunds on a variety of plate carrier systems.


  • Made in Texas/Berry Compliant


  • Waterproof/Rip-resistant 500d Cordura with Diamond pattern Aramid thread laminate backing,
  •  Dura-Stretch® Tweave® Plate bag

Included Gear:

  • Individually adjustable triple insert
  • Cummerbund

Plate Bag Size:

  • **Fits up to 10″x12″ and Med.  SAPI-size armor.


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