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Tactical Medicine News

The Real-World Calculation of the HEART Score

by Marco Torres
Nov 01, 2021
Background: Not a single clinical shift passes without evaluation of at least one patient with chest pain. This chief complaint accounts for 6.5 mi...
Tactical Medicine News

High Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin T in a Multisite United States Cohort

Introduction: Chest pain is a common reason or presentation to the Emergency Department (ED). Emergency physicians are often challenged to identify...
Tactical Medicine News

The REBEL at Essentials of Emergency Medicine 2019 – Day 1

  Essentials of Emergency Medicine 2019 is taking place at the Cosmopolitan Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas, NV. I was asked to give five lectu...
Tactical Medicine News

WTBS 16 Listening for the QI Signal in the Noise of ED Return Visits: Focus on Missed MI

Jesse McLaren outlines 10 Quality Improvement (QI) opportunities for reducing missed AMIs and the lessons learned from Ontario’s Emergency Departme...
Tactical Medicine News

Are we Missing Acute MIs with Clinical Risk Scores?

Background: In 2011, we saw 7 million patients in the emergency department (ED) complaining of chest pain. Most of these patients did NOT have an a...
Tactical Medicine News

Management and Disposition of Low Risk Chest Pain

Chest Pain (CP) is a very common complaint seen in emergency departments around the world.  In the US specifically  anywhere from 8 – 10 million pa...
Tactical Medicine News

Is it Time to Start Using the HEART Pathway in the Emergency Department?

There are approximately 8 to 10 million patients complaining of chest pain coming to Emergency Departments (EDs) in the United States annually. In ...
Tactical Medicine News

REBEL Cast Episode 6: Oseltamivir in the Treatment of Influenza & Use of the HEART Score in Low Risk Chest Pain

Welcome to the March 2015 REBEL Cast, where Swami, Matt, and I are going to tackle a couple of topics that come up frequently in clinical practice ...
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