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Tactical Medicine News

Teaching in the age of COVID-19: Assessing learners remotely

by Yusuf Yilmaz, PhD
Mar 19, 2020
  Providing content is great, but learner assessment is crucial in order to measure educational impact. Digital assessment is valid and reliable; i...
Tactical Medicine News

Teaching in the age of COVID-19: Enhancing discussion with digital asynchronous chats

  A significant portion of the technology industry is built around social media and asynchronous chat platforms that seek to connect people. Modern...
Tactical Medicine News

Teaching in the age of COVID-19: Small group conversations

Although you can still use technologies like Zoom or Webex to conduct small group meetings, residency programs may find it prudent to stick to know...
Tactical Medicine News

Teaching in the age of COVID-19: Live from the recording studio

Recording your content so it can be broadcasted, also called live streaming, can be helpful if you want to reach your audience in real-time. Record...
Tactical Medicine News

Teaching in the age of COVID-19: Real-time video conferencing

As programs face unprecedented pressure to protect learners via social distancing, many will turn to video as their preferred method to continue d...
Tactical Medicine News

Teaching in the age of COVID-19: Teaching with tech while socially distancing

With the arrival of SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) in North America, programs are facing the need to reconsider how they deliver didactic education to their...
Tactical Medicine News

Making Remote Work “Work” for You and Your Organization

A 32-year-old male presents for evaluation of fever and mild dry cough. His vital signs are stable and within normal limits, he is in no respirato...
Tactical Medicine News

Announcing ALIEM Remote

We are proud to announce the ALiEM Remote series. 2020 has presented a challenging set of circumstances with an ongoing COVID pandemic, uncertainty...
Tactical Medicine News

IDEA Series: An Asynchronous Curriculum for the Resident as Teacher

The Problem While residents may accumulate teaching tips and techniques during the course of their training by observing their mentors at work, lea...
Tactical Medicine News

IDEA Series: Highlighting FOAM Content through an Asynchronous Course

The Problem Many residents regularly consume FOAM (Free Open Access Medical Education) and online educational materials independently, without facu...
Tactical Medicine News

IDEA Series: A Novel Flipped-Classroom Approach to Intern Conference Education featuring EM Fundamentals

The Problem Delivering a curriculum of core content to interns is both a priority and a challenge. Weekly conference provides time to deliver such ...
Tactical Medicine News

How I Podcast Smarter: The Gear

We are back this week with a new “Working Smarter” mini-series on Podcasting. An increasing number of individuals and residency programs are starti...
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Lost in translation: What counts as asynchronous learning?

Reiter et al 1 just published a review on Individual Interactive Instruction also known as asynchronous learning in the Annals of Emergency Medic...
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