Tactical Medicine Provider

Basic Course

The Tactical Medicine Provider - Basic Course is designed to teach basic and advanced tactical medicine to all medical personnel and public safety professionals, including EMTs / paramedics, firefighters, LEOs, medical professionals, and others who respond to high-risk medical emergencies facing our communities.

This course is perfect for those departments looking to start up SWAT medic units, those with new personnel, or those who need a refresher of the basics.

Tactical Medicine Essentials

 This 16+ hour, two-day course serves as the groundwork for the follow-on Advanced course, which may be scheduled consecutively by the department, leading to an immersive 4 day TACTICAL MEDICINE experience.



  • TACMED, SWAT & The Mission
  • Medical Intelligence & Medical Threat Assessment in SWAT operations.
  • Conventional Threats & Weapons
  • Into the Hot-Zone
  • Gearing Up - Equipment Shake-out & Discussion
  • Tactical Patient Assessment
  • Shock
  • Massive Hemorrhage Control
  • Breathing emergencies
  • Airway Problems
  • Hypothermia Management
  • Extraction & Evacuation
  • Ballistics Lecture
  • Tourniquets
  • Wound Packing
  • Tension Pneumothorax & Needle Chest Decompression 
  • Junctional Injuries 
  • Patient carries 
  • Team Movement 
  • Casualty Collection Point 
  • Downed Officer Rescue 

These are just some of the topics we include in this dynamic, high speed, 2-day course. However, as with any course, they can be modified to suit departmental needs.


These courses are MEDICAL in nature and are designed to ensure the student has a solid, didactic foundation to perform the medical mission. They are not heavily TACTICAL as this detracts from the intent of the course. Live fire and Tactics can be implemented by the home department once the student obtains the essential tactical medical knowledge to work as part of a team. Our purpose and goal are to pass on the skills and knowledge necessary to help each team member become skilled lifesavers. 

Having said that, these courses are taught by experienced former members of Special Operations Units, Military Veterans, and Current Active Law Enforcement offices & Firefighters, most of whom are in SWAT units. As such, an additional "Range Day" can be scheduled to work on anything from basic firearm fundamentals to live fire rescues.

These courses are not open enrollment, nor are they regularly scheduled throughout the year. 
They are designed for groups that will be working together and implementing the knowledge, skills, and tactics, as part of a cohesive unit.

If you are a unit training officer or designated tactical medicine provider, please contact us and let's discuss how we can bring this training to your unit or department.

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