Emergency Blanket


Emergency Blanket

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Product Description

This 5ive Star Gear® Emergency Blanket is an ultra-light, warm, full protection blanket for any survivalist or outdoorsman. It all starts with a material that reflects 90% of your body heat and also offers protection against wind, rain, or cold. If you're forced to spend the unexpected night outdoors, hop under this blanket as soon as the temperature drops and instantly improve the odds in your favor.;

  1. Large enough to cover the average person from head to toe, yet folds small enough to easily fit in a pocket
  2. Reflective material retains up to 90% of body heat to aid in the prevention of hypothermia and shock
  3. Can also reflect sun for cooling in hot climates when used as a shelter
  4. Windproof and waterproof
  5. High visibility outer shell makes the user easy to spot by search and rescue
  6. 52” x 84”

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