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Podcast 135: Front Line Update from a Ukrainian Combat Medic

Paul |

If you haven’t listened already, here is your reminder to check out the latest episode where Dennis interviews a current Ukrainian Medic, Anri. This podcast is for those who will be deploying to the frontlines in Ukraine, those who are training the Ukrainian Defenders in combat medicine, or those just trying to wrap their heads around how a modern medic would treat a casualty in a WWI scenario with muddy trenches, juxtaposed with constant drone observation, Starlink satellite internet comms and long-range precision munitions that cause massive tissue loss.

Anri goes on to talk about how the wound patterns change in urban versus rural areas, with urban areas having more trauma from shrapnel and secondary trauma from debris. He mentions the challenges medics face in treating these complex wounds, including fractures and extensive tissue damage caused by multiple waves of explosions. Anri also discusses the impact of seasonal variations and the difficulties in evacuation due to artillery shelling, long distances, and the use of unconventional methods by the enemy. He emphasizes the importance of adapting medical techniques, such as splinting and triage, to the unique conditions on the front lines. Anri also mentions the use of blood products, saline, and telemedicine for prolonged field care.

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A first-hand account of the medical care from the trenches of Ukraine.

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