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Tactical Medicine News


by Paul
Jan 19, 2023
Let's jump right in. No one wants to be in a prolonged care situation. It is a contingency like a MASCAL. Maybe even a subset of a MASCAL: Being ov...
Tactical Medicine News

PFC and The Surgical Team Deficit

The vast majority of SOF deployments occur outside combat zones where the SOF Medic is expected to care for the entire team without a credentialed ...
Tactical Medicine News

Haven’t we always done PFC?

No. Medics and Corpsmen have not always done Prolonged Field Care or Prolonged Casualty Care. While it is true that combat medical providers ha...
Tactical Medicine News

Ukraine: Podcast Episode 101

Dennis had the honor of interviewing Dr. John Quinn who’s on the ground working Role 1 medical operations for an NGO somewhere in Ukraine. The less...
Tactical Medicine News

Joint Trauma System Newsletter Update

The Joint Trauma System and Defense Committees on Trauma are made up of several committees including the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Car...
Tactical Medicine News

Improvised Field Medicine Shopping List for the Austere Clinician

From tourniquets to chest seals, our community has been at the forefront of innovating, problem solving and improvising when not able to get a comm...
Tactical Medicine News

Prolonged Casualty Care for all

The wait is over... The Role 1 Prolonged Casualty Care Guidelines for the entire DoD are now available here and on the Joint Trauma System website!...
Tactical Medicine News

Medical Support to Resistance: Special Warfare Article

This article first appeared in the Jul-Sep 2019 Special Warfare Magazine which can be found open-source at SURVIVABILITY...
Tactical Medicine News

Autotransfusion in the Austere Prehospital Setting

This is not a novel procedure. The first successful autotransfusion on record was conducted in 1818 by James Blundell on a patient suffering from p...
Tactical Medicine News

Podcast Episode 69: Hot Weather Injury

Hot weather injuries are an issue medics have to account for even when not deployed. Proper planning, recognition and treatment can greatly reduce...
Tactical Medicine News

Podcast Episode 63: Oxygenation, Ventilation and COVID19

Doug and Dennis talk austere management of COVID19 patients with an emphasis on strategies for oxygenation and ventilatory support. The remainder o...
Tactical Medicine News

Podcast Episode 61: TBI Update with Dr. VanWyck

Traumatic Brain Injuries coupled with other injuries can be one of the most difficult wound patterns to manage in the field. Learn to manage TBI o...
Tactical Medicine News

Podcast Eposode 60: Ian Wedmore on Frostbite and Cold Weather Injuries

Dennis and Paul talk with Dr. Ian Wedmore and discuss some interesting updates to the management of frostbite injury in the field and what to do wh...
Tactical Medicine News

Podcast Episode 57: Snake Envenomation in Austere Environments

Dangerous snakes can be found both while training at home and far away while deployed. It may be a rare occurrence, but a catastrophic event when i...
Tactical Medicine News

INCIDENT REPORT and Example of Remedial Plan of Action Why does it take the NY Times to identify and disseminate our medical le...
Tactical Medicine News

Podcast Episode 55: JJ and Dennis on HROs. Part 1

The principles of High Reliability Organizations are necessary in those professions where mistakes can cost lives. The airline industry is the clas...
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